Somebody should make a phone like this

sov_silver_boxed.jpg The Sinclair Sovereign, a pocket calculator
from 1976. [Planet Sinclair]

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11 Responses to Somebody should make a phone like this

  1. Hank says:

    Why is it that is no longer a link to BBG from the main Boing Boing page?

  2. lovemoose says:

    I love my black version of this. (Thanks Grandad!)

    I’d perhaps love the silver version even more…

  3. Pete says:

    The calculator is very nice, but could you just get round to answering the question of what is happening to the external sites hanging off the motherboing?

  4. dculberson says:

    For those of you wondering about, read this:

    it is being woven back into the fold of the mother boing.

  5. gadgetstefan says:

    Didn’t Sinclair produce the first Electro Car in the 80ies?

    Stefan –

  6. infinity says:

    if someone has .stl files for the enclosure and keypad, i could probably design a circuit-board for a gumstix based myPhone. i _think_ i have some of the philips GSM radios left; they’re nice and small.

  7. killdeer says:

    Thanks for the link and info.

    Cant say I’m happy, I’ve never liked regular BoingBoing but I find myself visiting BBG ever time I sit down at my computer.

    I tried using the “gadgets” tag/keyword or whatever at the new BB and it isnt the same.

    The end of an era.

  8. Michael says:

    Oh. That answers my question, too. Thanks #6.

  9. Pete says:

    Boingboing Gadgets wanted to do something different from the regular gadget-blog – something that Joel Johnson had written about in his fantastic anti-gadgetery screed a few years ago. Obviously, they failed. They failed because the vast majority of people who came to this site wanted predictable coverage of gadgets, which, it seems, they were unhappy to provide.

    It would be nice if these posts were rolled back into the motherboing, rather than just letting this site hang here.

  10. Rob Beschizza says:

    Pete, BBG was a modest success. Basically, it’ll just continue as the gadgets section at BB once the relaunch stuff is settled down. All will be merged, but permalinks left as-in (for the googles)

  11. Skwid says:

    Well, that makes me sad. Unless I can subscribe to an RSS feed of just the BBG stuff, I won’t be reading any of it. Oh well. So long, folks!

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