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“Foursquare [for iPhone] can now buzz in your pocket to let you know when friends are nearby.” Link

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VLC 1.0.0 is finally out. Gmail out of beta, too. Dogs and cats, shipping together. Link

Trailer: 2012: It's a Disaster!

A spot-on parody that does nothing to diminish the fact that I’ll be watching this Day 0, high as a DEA surveillance kite. [via io9

Review: Six months with the Tom Bihn "Western Flyer" travel bag

For years, my friend Matt Bruggmann has been answering my complaints about travel bags with a single recommendation: “Get a Tom Bihn. Matt would know, too: He’s a photographer whose work often takes him around the world to places where … Continue reading

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@mattbuchanan explains sharply why, if the N97 is the best they can do, Nokia is doomed. Link


This is my last week at Boing Boing. I’ve several projects that I’ve been dying to do for several years, and as much as working with everyone here is a dream job, there comes a point when you have to … Continue reading

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Apple issues advisory explaining that electronics don’t like heat or cold. Link

Solar Gard car window film blocks sunlight, not Wi-Fi

According to a company selling the solution, traditional window film doesn’t just block visible and UV rays from the sun, but also catches the 2.4GHz radio waves that carry data in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Solar Gard, a new window film … Continue reading

Boing Boing Video review: Sigma DP2 camera

Should you buy the Sigma DP2? Only if you’re in love with the sensor. While it’s definitely a better choice than its predecessor and is not without its manual charms, its high price puts it in range of DSLRs and … Continue reading

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Treasure World looks delightful, and despite my housebound nature it might encourage me to scan for Wi-Fi. Link