Flash still not coming to the iPhone while Adobe announces partnerships with almost everyone else

The throw down: the gnashing teeth, the thump of the chest, the quivering aqueous vitreous diffused with pulsating veins. It’s a glorious site, even when imagined upon the metaphorical face of Adobe. They are sick of Apple’s App Store dominance. And they very definitely seem to be throwing down. At this week’s Mobile World Congress […]

The Phonophone Il iPhone: powerless iPod speakers, classic design and horn acoustics

The speaker system that uses no power is usually a travesty of audiphonics: the tinny sound of Bach reverberating through the fillings of a cavity-ridden back molar plucked from the inside of a skull and spread out across the room. But Tristan Zimmerman, the designer of this wonderfully shaped iPod speaker systems, claims that his […]

TrapCall: Anonymity denied to Caller ID... at least for now

Girls just got a new weapon in their attempts to totally shut their creepy, mouthpiece-licking, heavy-breathing exes out of their lives: TrapCall, a service that allows anonymous Caller IDs to be identified before pick-up. The way the unmasking service works is pretty clever. Caller ID’s existing anonymity provisions allow anyone to mask their call, but […]

When geeks were lounge lizards... the HP-01 Calculator Watch

Over on eBay, there are not one, but two utterly gorgeous HP-01 Hewlett Packard LED calculator wrist watches up for auction. Even at $1,500, it’s just brutally hard not to pluck a kidney from the navel and hit the black market in order to own one. These herald back from a different era, when the […]

Microsoft: Bring me the head of the Conficker worm programmer!

And suddenly, all the late nights of IRC channel bragging seems like a bad idea: Microsoft has put up a bounty of $250,000 to anyone who can identify the author or authors of the Conficker or Downadup worm, which takes advantage of a buffer overflow vulnerability in Windows to propagate, steal personal information and infect […]