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Flash still not coming to the iPhone while Adobe announces partnerships with almost everyone else

The throw down: the gnashing teeth, the thump of the chest, the quivering aqueous vitreous diffused with pulsating veins. It’s a glorious site, even when imagined upon the metaphorical face of Adobe. They are sick of Apple’s App Store dominance. … Continue reading

The Phonophone Il iPhone: powerless iPod speakers, classic design and horn acoustics

The speaker system that uses no power is usually a travesty of audiphonics: the tinny sound of Bach reverberating through the fillings of a cavity-ridden back molar plucked from the inside of a skull and spread out across the room. … Continue reading

Nokia adds Skype to the N97

For years, mobile phone companies have done their damnedest to discourage Skype leaping across the vacuum between PCs and cellular networks. The reason’s obvious: why pay 20 cents per minute for a local call when you can pay one cent … Continue reading

TrapCall: Anonymity denied to Caller ID... at least for now

Girls just got a new weapon in their attempts to totally shut their creepy, mouthpiece-licking, heavy-breathing exes out of their lives: TrapCall, a service that allows anonymous Caller IDs to be identified before pick-up. The way the unmasking service works … Continue reading

When geeks were lounge lizards... the HP-01 Calculator Watch

Over on eBay, there are not one, but two utterly gorgeous HP-01 Hewlett Packard LED calculator wrist watches up for auction. Even at $1,500, it’s just brutally hard not to pluck a kidney from the navel and hit the black … Continue reading

Dear Fashion: Uh, no.

“That cursor is hovering dangerously close to the age verification zone.” High-End Fashion Of The Day: Sancho Hemelsoen [The Daily What via Gizmodo]

HP's custom Ubuntu skin for netbooks now installable by everyone

As I hoped, plucky hackers have taken that gorgeous HP custom shell for their Ubuntu netbooks, ripped out the launcher, OS skin and some application skins, and made it available for everyone. Score. Hp mie interface download [Ubuntu Forums]

Brother, can you spare a Crawligator?

If you’ve got a vintage 70’s Crawligator skateboard for babies around, this is very good karma. DaddyTypes got an email from a new dad of a disabled eight month old, who writes: I’m searching for a Crawligator for my eight … Continue reading

Electric man power strip rag doll

Too adorable: this little rag-doll like electric man power strip pulses 110-volts of juice through his circulator system and out his limbs to keep your gadgets charged. It’s $14.99, which is more expensive than a cheap strip picked up at … Continue reading

Microsoft: Bring me the head of the Conficker worm programmer!

And suddenly, all the late nights of IRC channel bragging seems like a bad idea: Microsoft has put up a bounty of $250,000 to anyone who can identify the author or authors of the Conficker or Downadup worm, which takes … Continue reading