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I'm a contributing editor here at Boing Boing. I also have a blog (TokyoMango), a book (Urawaza), and I freelance for Wired, Make, the NY Times Magazine, PRI's Studio360, etc. I'm @tokyomango on Twitter.

Honda's U3-X is the new segway

Earlier this week, Honda unveiled the U3-X, a unicycle-like tilt-operated vehicle that could put the Segway to shame. It’s still a prototype, but once commodified it could become a popular mode of transportation in [via TokyoMango]

Headphones inspired by Thriller

These awesomely Thriller-esque headphones made their debut at the Nokia design competition this year. Rumor has it you can get your own pair at the Nokia store in London. Update: Gizmodo tells us they have a pair on display at … Continue reading

An illustrated guide to making t-shirts with the Yudu machine

Remember the screen printing system from the Boing Boing Video episode Mark and I shot at Maker Faire, the Yudu? Well, I wanted to make t-shirts for my personal blog, TokyoMango, so I went over to my friend Ben’s house … Continue reading

Microsoft unveils new tablet at Gizmodo Gallery in NYC

If you’re in New York City and love gadgets and geeks or both, don’t forget to check out Gizmodo Gallery, the annual limited-time-only gadget extravaganza hosted by Nick Denton and Brian Lam. It opens to the public tomorrow — they … Continue reading

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SekaiCamera, augmented reality iPhone app, debuts in Tokyo. Link (via @nobi & @hokayan)

Review: Two recovery sandals for post-run relief

After running 10 miles, even walking on hardwood can feel painful. Enter recovery sandals, or shoes that are designed to let your feet rest after lots of hard work. I’ve been alternating between these two — the Crocs Prepair (right) … Continue reading

Korean PC decked out in Hello Kitty

[Moneual via Akihabara News via Crunchgear]

Light bulb art shows wasted electricity

Artist Chris Jordan wanted to point out how much electricity is wasted in the US, so he made a photo collage representing 320,000 lightbulbs, which amount to the number of kilowatt hours we don’t really need to be spending. [via … Continue reading

Review: Two weeks with the simplehuman dual bin rectangular step can

Trash cans have always been a challenge in my household. Let me explain. My dog Ruby is a notorious trickster who can climb any counter and knock down any container if there’s food to be had. For years, I had … Continue reading

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Polaris, a new cell phone x robot that acts like a personal secretary. Link