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Video: Unboxing The Fleshlight

When I tweeted about needing to get a hold of a Fleshlight, I wasn’t entirely kidding. One BBG reader answered my bluff call, put me in touch and, well, now I’ve got a real-life Fleshlight [NSFW] in my home… actually, … Continue reading

Kool-Aid Man Is Giving NSFW Tours In Second Life [Wow, There's Still A Second Life?]

Kool-Aid Man has been tearing it up over in Second Life. So much so, he’s now offering free guided tours for anyone willing to dive back into Second Life. Of course, it’s not really Kool-Aid man, but an avatar created … Continue reading

HOWTO Set Up An Analog TV Station

OMG TV, which bills itself as “the only analog station in NYC,” has spent the last two months broadcasting on Channel 14 in New York. So what on Earth are they showing? The station aggregates online video content and then … Continue reading

"Sorry, sir, but Twitter is down... Yes, again."

August 17, 1955. photo from Adolph B. Rice Studio via The Library of Virginia

Tweet (#3694717831)

Internet at my home is screwy. Troubleshot w/@comcast and it’s clearly my router. 2nd Apple Airport fail in the last year #fml

Celebrity Hard Drives

For only $20, you can have a racy graphic of Kim Kardashian added to your hard drive. Or a skin of Domo. Or Wu-Tang Clan. Or even Bob Marley. One love, Seagate. [via Gearlog via New Launches]

Review: 16 Months w/Belkin's 300W DC/AC Inverter

Why ALL automobiles don’t come equipped with at least one, built-in 3-prong outlet is beyond me. And why more drivers don’t keep an inverter like this one from Belkin in their cars is also a mystery. Emergencies alone make a … Continue reading

HOWTO Make A Cheap Version of Muji's CD Player

Ariel Schlesinger put together a guide on how to fabricate a cheap, homemade version of the wall-mounted CD player Nato Fukasawa designed for Muji. Per Ariel’s directions, here’s everything you need: a CD-player with an access to the batteries compartment … Continue reading

Swarm Bots: Now W/Solar Power, Complex Behaviors!

I-SWARM robots are three-legged solar-powered droids which are less than 4 mm long, wide, tall. Two things to note: 1) I-SWARM stands for “intelligent small-world autonomous robots for micro-manipulation.” Physorg explains: …a single microrobot by itself is a physically simple … Continue reading

Computer Repair Flowchart

From Morris Rosenthal’s Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts. Bonus: On his site, the charts are interactive, so clicking on a diamond jumps you to the text for each decision step. After the jump, check out all the branches up close… … Continue reading