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In future America, car stops you.

To wrap up our visit to its R&D lab in Palo Alto, Mercedes-Benz’s Gordon Peredo demonstrated “Smart Stop,” a wireless safety system that¬†stops cars automatically¬†when the driver fails to heed a red light.

Cars! Pairing Mercedes with iPhone

Bluetooth is a standard feature on Mercedes’ COMAND system, allowing owners of many phones to use the dashboard’s phone keypad to make calls. SMS messaging will be introduced some time down the line, too. But we’ll admit that trying to … Continue reading

Cars! BBG visits Mercedes-Benz' telematics research lab

Pale and precise behind rimless spectacles, Johann Jungwith looks the consummate engineer; though a longtime U.S. resident, Formula 1 is still his sport. As president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz’ U.S. research arm, it’s his responsibility to oversee development of new … Continue reading

Cars! Interior textures of the 2010 E-Class (Gallery)