Video: Making "Living Movie Posters" with a Red One camera

Alexx Henry Photography used Red One cameras to make “living movie posters”, essentially trying to replicate the look of a one-sheet photograph but using video. I don’t know if this is a promo for the Red One, but it’s technical enough that it’s actually really interesting. If nothing else, think of it as advertising that […]

Advertising regulator agrees with Apple: Windows is virus-stricken and insecure

Britain’s strict ad-standards regulators offered a Christmas gift to Apple yesterday: it ruled that ads claiming Windows is less stable than OSX–and more vulnerable to infection– were truthful. Despite a history of correcting Apple’s hyperbolic marketing, it did not uphold a round of complaints filed against the “I’m a Mac” campaign. We considered that people […]

Would this iPhone ad make you complain to your government?

I can’t decide who is goofiest: the 17 people who complained about Apple’s iPhone 3G ad claiming that the phone was “really fast” or the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority for listening to them and banning Apple’s ad. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the ad in question, but if the ASA’s previous pedantry is any indication, it’s […]