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Motorola, could you please tell your viral marketer to get out of our comments?

In John’s post about Steve Jobs’ purported tantrum, a commenter “MGOODE08” made this remark: I’m so glad my boss isn’t like that! I’m working with Motorola right now, and became a huge fan of the Krave ( I especially like … Continue reading

Ricoh's wind- and solar-powered Times Square billboard

Ricoh will be installing this $3 million billboard in Times Square (7th and 42nd) that will be powered entirely by wind and solar. If there’s not enough sun or wind, explains the Times, the 16 floodlamps that will shine on … Continue reading

Pomegranate NS08: The fake phone that does everything

Introduction As a promotion to induce tourism, Nova Scotia commissioned these ads for a fake phone, the Pomegranate NS08, a ridiculously full-featured phone to promote “a place that has everything”. It appears the destination site is taking a bit of … Continue reading

Sprint "Now" widget ad page is momentarily nifty even if you're not using their product

@mathowie said, “When I was a kid, I always thought in the future I’d get paid to look at something like the Sprint Now dashboard” Intrigued, I looked, and then we discussed in our editor’s chat room: Joel J. oh … Continue reading

Electro Selectro: gadget and car ad scans from November 1967 NatGeo

I scanned in a bunch of the ads from the November, 1967 edition of National Geographic. I left out the travel and food ads, but that still left about 20 pages of cars and gadgets, including this gem from Panasonic. … Continue reading

Vintage Atari 2600 ad explains the genesis of Yar's Revenge

This vintage ad for the Atari 2600 shows how the ideas for games were dreamed up before there was a conceptual library of standard ideas to draw inspiration from: a man sitting in a room with a dizzy fly, creating … Continue reading

101 Classic Computer Ads

Some of the best, the worst, and the weirdest ads in computer history. 8 megabytes of JPEGs after the jump! Continue reading

Wired's Found gone without a sound?

Wired magazine’s Found is no more. A weird extrapolated gadget, photoshopped receipt or fake mag cover ostensibly stolen from the future, it always added a bite-size note of happy futurism to an issue. Metafilter has a compendium of the last … Continue reading

Video: He-Man and the Hulk sell motorcycles in Brazil

He-Man and Skeletor sell Honda Motorcycles from the Mearim Motos dealership in Brazil. How could this be better? If they hired a crazy kid to paint his body like the Hulk but he ends up looking more like a young … Continue reading

Logitech ad full of photoshop horror

Gadget layout not advertising-optimal? Just do strange photoshop things with it, and hope no-one notices. Logitech: Honey Where’s The VT Remote? [Photoshop Disasters]