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Reminder: Electro-Selectro wants your love

When Joel and Rob and I meet at the Korova Milk Bar for some milk plus or synehemesc or drencrom or whatever it is we’re washing down the ultra-violence with that night, our discussion — as it often does — … Continue reading

Video: Pontiac Ad Gives Nod to Classic Spy Hunter

I wasn’t entirely sure Pontiac was still around as a car company—and there’s no way the original Spy Hunter car was a Pontiac—but hey, nice commercial! I look forward to more slightly obscure videogame references in car commercials, with Frogger … Continue reading

Video: Toyota Celica Supra XX Commercial (1978)

This Japanese commercial works for me on many levels. First, as I was born in ’78, I’m about to turn 30, and the handsome white-haired gentleman in the video (clearly Golgo 13’s boss) gives me hope that I may remain … Continue reading

Video: Seiko Memory Bank Watch Ad

What I find most interesting about the Memory Bank watch series is how forward thinking they were back at their introduction, but how little Seiko did over the years to improve the design. Casio (which I realize is not the … Continue reading

Video: Swedish German Self-Cleaning Ruins Cokehead's Evening

Not that I’ve ever done cocaine in a public restroom (seriously), but I’m pretty sure that you do the coke off the tank, not the seat. Nevertheless, a cute commercial, even if I spoiled the punchline in the title. [via … Continue reading

Zenith Flash-Matic: World's First Wireless TV Remote

The “Flash-Matic” was the first wireless television remote control, develop by Zenith. From Zenith’s remote history page: Zenith engineer Eugene Polley invented the “Flashmatic,” which represented the industry’s first wireless TV remote. Introduced in 1955, Flashmatic operated by means of … Continue reading

Video: T-Mobile Sidekick Commercial feat. Of Montreal

It’s really not much of a commercial, but I have a real soft spot for the band featured, Of Montreal. If nothing else, share in my amusement that the barely-there snippet of music at the end clips off right before … Continue reading

Video: Funny Ford Sync Commercial

I saw this commercial for the Ford Sync in-car computer system last night and thought it was pretty humorous. The way the actors so confidently command their environment really sells it. It’s like one of those paleo-future “Imagine the Future” … Continue reading

AT&T Appeals to Sneaker Culture

The latest of the AT&T spots with the revolving backgrounds are a direct appeal to sneaker culture, including recreations of famous sneaker stores across the globe, from Alife NYC, Undefeated in LA, Motive807 in Austin, and Solebox in Berlin. I’m … Continue reading

Lovely LEGO Silhouette Advertisements

These are four separate full-page LEGO ads from 2006; it’s the first time I’ve seen them. They work better one at a time, I think, but there’s a certain something to seeing them all in reduced form here. LEGO and … Continue reading