Video: Pontiac Ad Gives Nod to Classic Spy Hunter

I wasn’t entirely sure Pontiac was still around as a car company—and there’s no way the original Spy Hunter car was a Pontiac—but hey, nice commercial! I look forward to more slightly obscure videogame references in car commercials, with Frogger shilling for Hummer and R/C Pro Am pushing the Honda Fit. [via Pontiac]

Video: Toyota Celica Supra XX Commercial (1978)

This Japanese commercial works for me on many levels. First, as I was born in ’78, I’m about to turn 30, and the handsome white-haired gentleman in the video (clearly Golgo 13’s boss) gives me hope that I may remain dapper after I turn into an old man next month. Second, I love the Celica […]

Zenith Flash-Matic: World's First Wireless TV Remote

The “Flash-Matic” was the first wireless television remote control, develop by Zenith. From Zenith’s remote history page: Zenith engineer Eugene Polley invented the “Flashmatic,” which represented the industry’s first wireless TV remote. Introduced in 1955, Flashmatic operated by means of four photo cells, one in each corner of the TV screen. The viewer used a […]