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Review: Kindle DX

Photos: Heather Beschizza Verdict: The DX is the king of readers, and regular book buyers will love it. Native PDF support is slick and speedy. That said, Amazon’s weird online service for converting file formats is still a black mark … Continue reading

The Kindle Boondoggle

Eldritch Weaselsnake: So, when the Kindle store was first introduced, the prices were a breath of fresh air: finally some reality in ebook pricing. In-print hardbacks were never more than $10.00. Paperbacks were deeply discounted from list price (30 to … Continue reading

Periscope Lighted Folio for Kindle 2

Periscope manages to take the clean lines of the Amazon Kindle 2 and wrap it in more leatherette straps and pockets than that time we accidentally started sending the S&M catalogs to the Accounts Payable department. But hey, at least … Continue reading

Amazon deletes reviews that expose other reviews as paid-for

If you claim, in a review at Amazon, that its third-party sellers attempted to bribe you to get a good write-up, what will happen? Amazon will delete your review, of course! [Consumerist]

Reading Rights Coalition to protest Authors Guild whinging about Kindle 2 text-to-speech

The Reading Right Coalition and the National Federation of the Blind will be hosting a protest tomorrow outside the offices of the Authors Guild in an attempt to convince the Guild to quit busting Amazon’s balls over the Kindle 2’s … Continue reading

Video: Jeff Bezos likes to laugh

This is even better if you mouth “Mwa” to yourself before each cut.

Yep, Kindle 2. It costs $360.

In a staggering announcement that jellied the brain meats of all who were present through the sheer concussive force of stupefaction, Amazon announced the Kindle 2 today, which looks exactly like the soothsayer mockups of one psychic Photoshopper that leaked … Continue reading

A Fleshlight is not a FireWire Audio Interface Device, Amazon

Well, it’s an interface all right, but it’s not for audio. Unless I’ve been using it wrong all this time. MOTU Traveler-mk3 FireWire Audio Interface [Amazon via Techcrunch]

Should the New York Times just give all subscribers Kindles?

Silicon Alley Insider did the math and discovered that it costs the New York Times twice as much money to print their newspaper every year than it would be to just hand all of its subscribers free Kindles and distribute … Continue reading

Amazon remembers your would-be whims with iPhone App

Amazon has just jumped into the iPhone app game with Amazon Remembers. The idea’s pretty nifty: if you see something that you think you might want to remember to shop for later — a book, a coffee grinder, a novelty … Continue reading