Kool-Aid Man Is Giving NSFW Tours In Second Life [Wow, There's Still A Second Life?]

Kool-Aid Man has been tearing it up over in Second Life. So much so, he’s now offering free guided tours for anyone willing to dive back into Second Life. Of course, it’s not really Kool-Aid man, but an avatar created by artist Jon Rafman. Still, seems like it could be quite a trip, especially since […]

HOWTO Create a GPS Grafitti Space Invader

SF Weekly writes: With the aid of a GPS — and nary a can of spray paint — San Francisco graphic designer Vicente Montelongo has created a series of bike trails in the city shaped like videogame heroes of yore… Montelongo has been posting maps of his GPS videogame trips on the Web site EveryTrail.com. […]

"Home... is where I want to be, But I guess I'm already there"*

Constructed by artist Kevin Cyr, this tiny trailer is a “functioning sculptural piece.” Translation: heavy and impractical (I’m guessing). Of course, if you hooked up a GreenWheel, it might actually be plausible… until you hit any big hills. [via Designboom via Trackosaurus Rex] *”This Must Be The Place” Previously: Clip-on electric front wheel for bicycles […]