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The most danceable digital recorder of them all

When Brad Linder posted audio clips from high-end digital recorders, it looked like a slam-dunk for Sony. Compared to a generic competitor, there was no question: readers found that the other model was muddy, noisier, even worthless. How interesting, then, … Continue reading

mbl 101 X-treme, the world's most beautiful speakers?

The mbl 101 X-treme, a $250,000 speaker cabinet with omni-directional mirror imaged speaker arrays, may be a lot of things—overpriced, overwrought, and overengineered—but there is no denying the carbon fiber, steel, and wood monstrosity is a beaut. [via Red Ferret] … Continue reading

$1,975 audiophile maple block set

Remember the Silver Rock Beech Knob, claimed to improve the sound quality of high-end stereo equipment? A simply-lathed chunk of wood, it was pitched at audiophiles who should know better, but don’t. The product page went 404 a while ago, … Continue reading

Clive Thompson on the Death of Audiophilia

Before I blockquote an enticement paragraph to Clive Thompson’s piss-on-the-grave rant about the death of audiophiles, I want to make one point: the “compression” spoken of by audio producers is different than the “compression” used to make digital audio file … Continue reading

Klimax DS: Streaming Audio Ain't Cheap, It Seems

The Klimax DS is a streaming media player that supports FLAC and WAV (and presumably MP3) and is controlled by a touchscreen remote. It doesn’t have any storage itself, but streams audio like ripped CDs from network attached drives, upsampling … Continue reading

James Randi Calls Out Audiophile: I'm Sure the Crickets Will Sound Fantastic

Nothing amuses me more than a dust-up with an audiophile. (I still haven’t mustered the gumption to ask MSNBC columnist Gary Krakow to give me a nugget of the stash he was sampling when he suggested the original Playstation is … Continue reading