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BBtv: Farewell, My Lovely Consumer Electronics Show

Although we didn’t bother with CES last year, this year the Boing Boing team will be out in the cold Las Vegas desert, sifting through piles of sadness incarnate to find the precious products that might actually make our lives … Continue reading

BBtv: Philips Norelco Bodygroom (II) review, Heavily Pettable Edition

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom ($50) is a shaver for men, specially tuned to the harmonic frequencies resonant with the hexagonal shafts of masculine hair for a shave that doesn’t just cut your hair — it shatters it. (Or it’s just … Continue reading

BBtv: Freestyle Audio Soundwave underwater MP3 player review

What hath videoblogging wrought? It is my honor and personal shame to present my video review of the Freestyle Audio Soundwave underwater MP3 player. Using the miracle of not showing you my junk, this is my first nude videoblog, but … Continue reading

BBTV: Xeni interviews Buzz Aldrin

It’s a fine line: what do you do when you have a three minute interview with the second man on the moon, Colonel Buzz Aldrin… an interview in which the space hero and futurist answers none of your questions, instead … Continue reading

BBtv: Syd Mead with Joel Johnson pt. 3: BLADE RUNNER (Yesssss.)

The 1982 cyberpunk cinema classic Blade Runner remains one of the most influential science fiction movies of all time, and tops many a nerd’s favorite films list. Today on Boing Boing tv, Boing Boing Gadgets editor Joel Johnson visits the … Continue reading

BBtv: Joel talks to Syd Mead pt. 2

You can literally seem me squirm with girlish excitement. I’m surprised I didn’t do a little clap at the end. Permalink and comments []

BBtv: Joel talks to Syd Mead

Syd Mead is an ornery but welcoming man, who let me take up his time asking dumb questions about design, cars, gadgets that look like they’re moving, and what got him into designing cars in the first place. And that … Continue reading

BBtv: Opening the doors of your iPhone

In the latest episode of Boing Boing TV, our Xeni equates unlocking and jailbreaking your iPhone with doing lots of drugs. Which is pretty much Boing Boing Gadgets in a nutshell. Link to Boing Boing tv episode with discussion and … Continue reading

BBtv: Voice translator device tested by ignorant white doofus

Some of the phrases were really quite violent, commanding people to get on the ground and put their hands over their heads. The guy who sits outside the five-and-dime all day on a folding chair thought those were especially funny.

BBtv Vlog: Krups Heineken BeerTender Review

We finally had a chance to put the Krups Heineken BeerTender through a battery of rigorous tests, such as “Will it allow beer to escape its nozzle?” and “Hey, the beer is gone.” If you perused the unboxing spread I … Continue reading