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Modern games go GameBoy

A wonderful Photoshop contest over at the Pixelation forums: modern video games go pea soup GameBoy, with entries (among others) for Guitar Hero, BioShock, ICO, Okami, Sam & Max and Flashback. This one is Bioshock… I would play the fuck … Continue reading

Bioshock Big Daddy scrap metal sculpture

$70 for a Big Daddy made out of old engine parts and scrap metal? Are you kidding me? Sold. Well, actually, the site says $95. But still! Big Daddy Scrap Metal [Metal Park via Geekologie]

Video: Bioshock scenes reenacted, girl slapped

The new web series Hey Ashly, Whatcha Playing is coming together nicely. Don’t watch this unless you want Bioshock spoiled, though! Hey Ashly, Whatcha Playing: Episode Three [Destructoid]

Separated at Birth: Stratosphere Suit and Bioshock Big Daddy

On the left, the “Stratosphere Flying Suit” tested by Lr. Col. Emilio Herrera, Director of the Superior Aerotechnical School of Spain in 1936; on the right, the “Rosie” Big Daddy from 2K Games Boston’s Bioshock. New Stratosphere Flying Suit Tested … Continue reading

2k Games Continues to Bungle Bioshock Launch

The Bioshock launch on the PC continues to go all screwy, thanks to mentally soft thinking that leaves users feeling like they’ve just been paid a visit from an icy speculum. Check out this post and response from a user … Continue reading

Bioshock Designer Ken Levine Interviewed

We launched too late to get on the Bioshock train—and that’s fine, considering the ample (and deserved) press the game is getting—but now that the game is out and a critical and sales smash, some of the more thoughtful pieces … Continue reading

Program Your Own Bioshock Fan Forum Fight in Basic

10 CLS 20 PRINT “I tried to install BIOSHARK from Steam and it failed! I can’t figure out the CD Key! 2K Games locked activations to just two PCs!” 30 PRINT “WORKS FINE ON MY MICROSOFT XOBXO 360 BURRRRN” 40 … Continue reading