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Rainbow stacking, musical toy by Heiko Hillig

“Rainbow” is a simple wooden stacking toy designed by Heiko Hillig. It’s been around for over ten years — it won some German design awards in ’97 and ’98 — but I’d never seen the colored plywood half-hoops that can … Continue reading

LEGO Exo-Force Aero Booster

The anime-inspired LEGO Exo-Force line could be better—I’ve found its better for the articulated joints for making your own mecha than it is using the default designs—but it looks like they may be finding their feet with this new addition, … Continue reading

Forbidden Lego Book Reviewed

Evil Mad Scientist has given the nod to the just-released Forbidden Lego by Ulrik Pilegaard and Mike Dooley (published by No Starch Press, who also print the fantastic Unofficial LEGO Builders Guide), and it sounds like a winner if you … Continue reading