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Delete this book

Every time I see my living room bookshelf, I feel silly. This is because it’s the ultimate poseur bookshelf. Continue reading

Amazon Kindle DX Review Round-Up

Rob posted his review earlier today after getting his hands on Amazon’s latest e-reader, the $489 Kindle DX: “Though based on the Kindle 2, it’s the first version that seems a beautiful thing… That said, Amazon’s weird pay-to-play online service … Continue reading


A single used copy remains at Amazon. Yours for $5. Glen.h via Ffffound.

"Gizmos" book helps you make working paper machines

Rob Ives’ “Gizmos” looks like a blast: a $13 book that includes cut-out automata you can make yourself, such as popping frogs and marching robots. Using the ingenious punch-out designs included in Gizmos, you can assemble six enchanting automata by … Continue reading

How It Works .... The Computer (Ladybird books, 1978)

Breathing Books, swiped by TSA, now at gallery

Things – Edith Kollath Creates Books that Breathe from Bre Pettis on Vimeo. These wonderful heaving tomes, like props from a Harry Potter movie, were created by Edith Kollath. They are on view at the Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery. She relates … Continue reading

Infinite bookshelf can't hold infinite number of books

Borgesian echoes of the universal library lurk in Job Koelewijn’s Mobius bookshelf. Untitled [Knaw via Neatorama]

The New Machiavelli goes USB

As part of the Blood on Paper exhibition, which gave artists a book and then asked them to customize it, Richard Shed took a sixty year old Penguin Classics copy of The New Machiavelli, digitized each pages and placed it … Continue reading

How to make your own books the old-fashioned way

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to know how to make your own gorgeous hardback books. Without expensive machinery and supplies, however, it comes down to you, your craftsmanship, and Dave the Designer’s comprehensive book tutorial. The photo is of Kelley … Continue reading

The world's best modern libraries

BestCollegesOnline isn’t standard sourcing fare for gadget blogs, but its roundup of the world’s most modern libraries still hits the right notes. It’s hard to remember exactly what led me to technology, computers, games and all the attendant electronic accessories–but … Continue reading