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Brushed metal nixie tube clock

The nature of nixie tubes makes any clock made of them relatively indistinguishable from its brethren, short of the composition of the base. There’s not a lot of variation: six nixies lined up in a row, fluorescently glowing strangely sinewy … Continue reading

Time Machine ball bearing clock

The Time Machine clock tells the passing time by dropping a chrome ball onto a multi-tiered track. Every five minutes, the last ball is dropped a level to mark a twelfth of the hour while the rest are flushed to … Continue reading

The clock of a thousand gears... well, okay, fifty

Homeloo’s Jumbo Gear Clock is like a clock that has exploded with the bloating of its own horological guys: more than 50 gears are exposed, churning and grinding their teeth together in a beautifully intricate contraption that takes the Rube … Continue reading

Cue shower clock reminds you to check your breasts for lumps

The “Cue” is a $30 waterproof clock, fitted with a suction cup and meant to be stuck on the wall of your shower. Its main purpose in life is to remind you to check your breasts for lumps — seven … Continue reading

Giant LED Bookcase Clock

Don’t look. Don’t look. Don’t check the time. You’ll be able to sleep if you don’t check the time. 02:01. Dammit! Okay, pretend you didn’t look. Forget it. Forget it. Man, my eyes hurt. I need to sleep. I can … Continue reading

Algebraic wall clock implies its own answers with the time

Though the brain-jelly-beads of my amygdalian abacus have long been evaporated by the heady toll of ether huffing, even I can feel smugly self-congratulatory telling time with the Pop Quiz Wall Clock. No price unfortunately, but it would probably be … Continue reading

Banpresto DangerBomb Alarm Clock Makes Each Morning Your Last

Audiocubes is selling this “DangerBomb Clock” from Banpresto which flashes one of three differently colored lights that correspond to three wires. When your alarm goes off in the morning, you have to disconnect the correct wire, selected at random, or … Continue reading

Life Clock by Bertrand Planes

The “Life Clock,” by Bertrand Planes, slows down the typical clock mechanism so that what is normally a minute hash now represent years. I’d put a battery in it, because I’d be terrified when if the power went out. I’m … Continue reading

Rotaliane Multibook: Charger, Clock, and Lamp in Book Form

While the inspire of this “Multibook” might be a mess of gadget chargers and wires, there is an irrational appeal to its book-like shape, which not only hides a three-port power strip, but a digital clock and an array of … Continue reading