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Schmidt's salary at Apple

Former Apple director Eric Schmidt was paid solely in Apple schwag. [Business Week] Photo: -nathan.

What's So "Smart" About An Automated Kitchen?

Anvil Motion is revolutionizing the kitchen: Simply wave your hand and cabinet panels and doors rise and fall vertically with precision, concealing or revealing contents. Using a wireless touch-screen device, cabinets can also be programmed to open in unison or … Continue reading

Photos: Comic-Con Toys, Art & Tchotchkes

Review: Platypus CleanStream Gravity Filter

“Oh man, you just turned our campsite into an ER!” The CleanStream is a gravity filtration system that resembles an IV bag. Consisting of two Platypus bladders, two hoses, and one 0.2-micron-thick hollow fiber filter (w/a cartridge that’s good for … Continue reading

Disposable Technology

Eve Ensler and "Rape-Free" Gadgets

In the Congo, explains Eve Ensler, militias use rape to fracture communities and the threat of sexual violence to coerce slave labor to mine coltan (a colloquial name for columbite-tantalite ore) which is used to produce capacitors that power cell … Continue reading

Hands-On With A Whippit-Powered Travel Espresso Maker

Currently in production, the MyPressi TWIST has been generating enough buzz to get a trucker from Nashville to Reno (and back). Forget press and blog attention. The $129 portable espresso maker won the best new product award from the Specialty … Continue reading

Insulation and packing material made from rice hulls and fungus

Scientific American profiles the creators of “Greensulate”, an organic insulation made from rice hulls, recycled paper, and fungus: They incorporated three basic ingredients in a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide: mycelium mushroom roots; perlite, a glassy volcanic mineral used … Continue reading

That's $3,000 of Zen, right there.

This was once an Acer Aspire One, an inexpensive netbook. It is now a “Fully Zen Decorated” Acer Aspire One, available on eBay for $3,000 or more. History: 0 bids. Via Born Rich.

Best Buy's "community" forum flags "" as offensive

“” Is Apparently A Curse Word On Best Buy’s Forums [Consumerist]