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Blockhead Stem: Cycling Do Or Don't?

The Blockhead Stem from cw&t costs $89, which seems pretty reasonable considering it’s machined from 7075 aluminum. Of course, you may be saying why on Earth would you want to put something so un-aerodynamic — with sharp edges — on … Continue reading

Review: Chrome Warsaw [Verdict: GINORMOUS]

Chrome’s Warsaw bag is made from 1000-denier Cordura, lined with a weather-resistant PVC liner and features a super-padded back panel, making it one of the toughest and most comfortable packs I’ve slung on my back. Also, the most enormous non-touring … Continue reading

"About as annoying to handle as a wet diaper"

Giant’s latest folding bike, the Clip, is uniquely handsome. It has decent components. It folds relatively quickly/easily. It even rides smoothly. My one complaint? From my full review over at The little “D” above the fork seems like a … Continue reading

Tron Turquoise Is The New Black

With Tron Legacy set to debut in 2010, don’t be surprised if turquoise and, more specifically, turquoise LED strips get slapped onto anything and everything. Exhibit A: The Pulse, a concept fixed-gear with electric turn signals and a luminescent frame… … Continue reading

Cyclist's Golf Caddy

If you’re going to play golf on a huge piece of property that soaks up water, fertilizer and electricity &mdash without growing food or anything tangible &mdash you might as well do something to make yourself feel better about it. … Continue reading

Deconstructed Moulton Folding Bicycle

Buy Me A Shuttle-Bike Kit, Please

I don’t speak Italian, so I don’t know what these folks are saying. But I’m not certain that really matters. These kits, which fit in backpack, can be used to create a pedal-powered boat out of a bicycle. It comes … Continue reading

Shimano's new electric bicycle derailleur feted on professional circuit

Ian Austen for the New York Times: Shimano’s version, known as the Dura-Ace Di2 7970, is being used by three professional teams competing in California: Columbia High Road, Garmin Slipstream and Rabobank. About 10 riders will race with the system … Continue reading

Cordarounds Bike-to-Work pants with reflective Teflon cuff

Cordarounds newest khakis, called the “Bike to Work” pants, have a clever secret: the rolled up cuff exposes a reflective strip for added safety and Teflon for resistance to scuffs and chain grabs. They’re $95 a pair because that’s how … Continue reading

Rear Vision Clothing-Mounted Bike Mirrors

While I’ve found rear-view bike mirrors to be only of moderate use, the “Rear Vision Activity Mirror” would at least prevent passers-by from ripping my mirrors off my bike. Besides that, though, I’m not sure that wrist-, arm-, and glove-mounted … Continue reading