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Open Pandora handheld gaming available for pre-order

Open Pandora, the powerful portable gaming platform with dual analog thumbsticks and a full QWERTY keyboard is now available for pre-order for $330. We’ve spent a fair amount of time debating whether I should get one or not, but while … Continue reading

Pandora portable gaming system flashes one huge QWERTY

With the aging, open-source GP2X platform quickly slaloming into obsolescence, the Pandora portable gaming system is trying to step forward to take its place in the hearts and minds of the emulator aficionado. On the surface, the specs look pretty … Continue reading

PC-9801 Emulator for the iPod Touch

Although not exactly what I was expecting when I read “hentai games on the iPod Touch,” this hacked up NEC PC-98 emulator for the iPod is pretty impressive. Turns out the first game tested was a famous hentai game called … Continue reading