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Weightless dumbbells defy physics with gyroscope junk science

Yanko Design posted this hilarious concept for a weightless dumbbell. The idea, put forward by Sang-Hoon Lee, is that a couple of tiny balls in the handles will spin, thus “generating” whatever weight the user wants… effectively making the dumbbell … Continue reading

From Atari Joyboard to Wii Fit: 25 years of "exergaming"

After hugely successful launches in Japan and Europe, Nintendo’s Wii Fit exercise game is coming to the United States May on 19th, where it is sure to find sales success. But Wii Fit is hardly the first example of an … Continue reading

Run as you cycle with the Treadmill Bike

I love novelty velocipedes, and so I’ve already developed a fondness for this Treadmill Bike for sale from Bike Forest. It’s stupidly impractical and inefficient, but it makes up for that with goofy charm: the video on the official site … Continue reading

Under-the-desk machine charges batteries with your idle pedaling

Although its taking a bit of a drubbing as it passes through the chuckling locker room of gadget blogdom, this pedal-powered charger isn’t as daft as its out-of-fashion powder blue design might imply. Called “Energized by You” — or at … Continue reading

Work while working out with the TrekDesk

The exercise-while-desk-jockeying initiative is a valiant idea for a sedentary age, but despite assertions to the contrary by the companies selling gizmos, it’s actually harder to concentrate on that spreadsheet when your heart rate has popped your eyeballs out of … Continue reading

Overall balance scale is for weight loss min-maxers

Lately, I’ve had my eyeball on all of the various gadgets and gizmos that come through the pipe, promising to help me — a repulsive fatty whose recent attempts at exercise most aptly resemble a greased walrus flapping on his … Continue reading

$89 Wii Fit vs. $689 Gym Membership

I don’t mind admitting it: my once god-like body, nut-brown and taut, has devolved into a gelatinous structure of mayonnaise-like consistency over the last two years. It’s my career: I am a blogger. My lifestyle is sedentary. Every day, I … Continue reading

Nike+ SportBand Training Bracelet

Nike has announced the new Nike+ SportBand, a bracelet that tracks pace, distance, and calories burned (estimated, of course) just like the Nike+ iPod package does—minus the need for an iPod. No price announced yet, but I expect it’ll be … Continue reading

Alter-G G-Trainer Treadmill for Weightless Running

The “Alter-G G-Trainer,” a treadmill which uses a compressed air chamber to lift and reduce the effective weight of its user, has been approved by the FDA for use in rehabilitation for injuries to the lower extremities. The G-Trainer can … Continue reading

Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Watch Small Enough to Be Worn All Day

Congratulations to Garmin: Their new Forerunner 405 GPS watch, designed for runners, is the first one small and unobtrusive enough to be worn all day, unlike previous models. (The new 405 is on the right, while earlier models are left … Continue reading