The Black Diamond Sprinter, a headlamp for traveling night runners

Some people like to run in the morning. Others like to run in the mid-afternoon. Yet others wait until the sun goes down to hit the pavements &mdash maybe because the air is cooler and streets are emptier, or they’re just too busy during daylight. Black Diamond’s new Sprinter headlamp that could be a lifesaver […]

RGB Vases

Oscar Diaz’s RGB Vases look much nicer nested together than apart. Each vase is made using the values of red, green and blue that make up the specific purple color (P242). When the three vases are nested, the light passes through, and mixes the three colors so that the purple becomes evident. A computer is […]

Tron-Watch '09: LED Handrails

A concept by Croatian designer Zoran Sunjic, these LED handrails could help light dark stairways to prevent commuter spills, tumbles, or muggings. Should these handrails ever see the light of day (har), I trust they’ll be available in teal or turquoise. From LED bikes to RAZR-like radar detectors, Tron-like aesthetics really are in full effect. […]