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RoomWizard Scheduler for Meeting Rooms

The “RoomWizard” from office supply company Steelcase is designed to make booking conference rooms easy, as well as alert passersby that a meeting is in progress. You can schedule an upcoming meeting right from the RoomWizard’s touchscreen or have the … Continue reading

Tripple Espresso Lamp by Francois Legault

While too twee to be appropriate for a home, this “Tripple Espresso” lamp from Francois Legault would be charming in a coffee shop or programmer’s hovel. It’s $375. Tripple Espresso Lamp []

Starry Night Bed Lacking Only a Toilet

While every hair on my pasty body bristles at the thought of spending upwards of $50k on a bed, I have to admit that if you ignore the way this “Starry Night” bed from Leggett and Platt looks, its functionality … Continue reading

Sonic Impact BM101: Panel Turns Bed Into Speakers

Audio company Sonic Impact is talking up the “BM101 speaker panel,” designed to slip between your mattress and box spring, using the latter as a subwoofer-like resonator and sending up sound through the former. The two-by-four-foot panel will be anywhere … Continue reading

Fanimation Air Shadow Ceiling Fan with Retracting Blades

There appears to be absolutely no functional reason why the Fanimation Air Shadow ceiling fans retract its four blades when not in use besides “looking cool.” But since the chunky metal design was already appealing, the fact that it closes … Continue reading

Lighted Shower Head Changes Color with Temperature

This shower head’s embedded LEDs change color with the temperature of the water, going from white to blue to red as it heats up. Even niftier, though, is that it requires to external power source to work, instead powering itself … Continue reading

Lovers' Breakfast Table

This little “Lovers’ Breakfast Table” is only available at Amazon UK—and it’s out of stock there. But it’s a pleasant little design, with chair arms that become part of the table when not in use. I hope someone emulates and … Continue reading

Make Fireplace Logs Out of Old Newspaper

I love fire. It’s the best. So simple. So easy to understand. Sometimes I think I smoke cigarettes just so I can keep a lighter around. Which is to say: I don’t have a fireplace. This winter I’ll be snuggling … Continue reading

Cord Lamp is (Snake) Charming

It doesn’t get more simple than the “Cord Lamp,” a $150 lamp that transitions seamlessly from cord to turgid stand. It’s $150 at the San Francisco MOMA store, but I bet an enterprising maker could find a way to stiffen … Continue reading