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HOWTO: Build With Grid Beam

When I was editing Cool Tools, J. Baldwin recommended a fantastic book on constructing furniture and other things with Grid Beam. I bought the book, but have yet to put it to use, so don’t take my word for it. … Continue reading

Black and White Clock

Kibardin Design’s Black and White clock has four OLED digits equipped with light sensors, ensuring an appropriate color is always used. Kibardin is looking for a manufacturer. [via Oh Gizmo]

Giant solar-powered LED flowers in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, an art collective called O*GE has a neat installation that consists of giant solar-powered low-wattage LED flowers. It’s a joint effort with Israel’s electric company to promote alternative energy. The flowers, which include lotuses and tulips, are made … Continue reading

Side table (not) made of old LP sleeves

“Structured with birch plywood, wrapped in giclee canvas and coated with poly resin,” this side table looks like a few dozen albums glued together–I hope good taste is evinced–and put on IKEA legs. $450. [Bughouse via Awesomer]



Review: MSR Hubba Hubba HP 2-Person Tent [ultralight]

The Hubba Hubba HP is a $450 3-season tent that weighs a scant 4 lbs when fully-packed (at just 20 x 7 inches), making it ideal for longer-term packing or anyone looking to lighten the load. When assembled, the HP … Continue reading

Review: Three headlamps for dark nights

Petzl Tikka Plus 2 The Tikka Plus was my favorite of the three headlamps I took with me on our camping trip, and that’s why it’s the headliner of my review. It emitted a soft, clear light, and at three … Continue reading

BB Video: Omega Recoil, Mad Electro-Makers Who Craft Giant Tesla coils

(Download / YouTube) Boing Boing Video today peeks inside the electrified world of Omega Recoil, a group of engineers and “makers” who craft giant Tesla Coils, and stage humorous and thrilling performances with those large electrical devices. What’s a Tesla … Continue reading

Touch-Sensitive Hoodie Lights Up, Plays Tunes

Leah Buechley Kanjun Qiu* designed this hoodie at the MIT Media Lab using a LilyPad Arduino, power supply, LEDs, tiny speaker and iron conductive fabric.* I’ve looked at a ton of light up garments, El Wire, etc. This is one … Continue reading

Levitron Revolution levitates your keepsakes, Dr. Strange figurines

Aaron M. writes: I had a chance to see this new invention at the New York Toy Fair and it is finally public on their website. There is a small disk which levitates a few inches above the surface of … Continue reading