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Hack multitouch into a T-Mobile G1

Luke Hutchisonw as able to make a hack to the Android kernel and browser and enable usable multitouch support on the T-Mobile G1. Since Apple claims to have patented multitouch colon-deep the wazoo, I wonder if this user’s hack makes … Continue reading

nru, another step towards magical augmented reality phones

“nru” is an application from UK developers, designed like so many other recent mobile apps to location food, shopping, and entertainment deals around you. What makes nru (pronounced “near you”) compelling is in part its platform, running as it … Continue reading

Cameraphones, your weapon in the coming price-match wars

The people who make ShopSavvy, that bar-code scanning application for Google Android, got their first report of a user being chased out of a Target store for doing a price comparison before she bought an item. A call to the … Continue reading

Don't say "Reboot": Android OS executes every word you type

In what may possibly be the most bizarre bugs to ever ship, Google’s Android OS attempts to carry out every single word you type as a command: When I first read this I didn’t believe it. Then I read it … Continue reading

Android Jailbroken, a sentence so stupid I can't believe I have to type it

If it seems a bit asinine to you that a free, open-source mobile platform would need to be “jailbroken” — unlocked to gain full control over the operating system — you’re not alone. Google may have given its Linux-based Android … Continue reading

Panasonic G1 Micro Four Thirds camera reviewed (Verdict: Amazing, but wait to buy)

Pogue really likes the Panasonic G1, the first camera to use the Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens system. And then he cautions not to buy it: “A monumental advantage of an S.L.R. is interchangeable lenses, and there are only two … Continue reading

Review: A few days with the T-Mobile G1, the first Google Android phone

When it comes to owning, using, or reviewing a gadget, there are really only two states: love increasing or love receding. Products are not simply loved or hated, but appreciated over time on a scale which terminates with perfection at … Continue reading

Google scours Android Market of 3/4ths of its apps

As the Android G-1 begins falling into actual customers hand, the Android Market has suddenly been purged of almost 75% of its apps. According to T-Mobile, it’s simply because Market has been updated, and the removed apps will be slotted … Continue reading

T-Mobile ad promises the G1 will be "more connecteder and funnerer"

T-Mobile’s first ad for the G1 has hit YouTube, and let us give T-Mobile the eye-bulging, thorax-gobbling slow clap (in unison, please): it raises the bar on the “unapologetic stupidity = cool” technique that marketers have been perfecting ever since … Continue reading

HTC's Android G1 leaves out the 3.5mm headphone jack

Android’s built-in Amazon MP3 service, offering six million tracks dipped in acid and cleansed of DRM, is certainly a juicy plum, but listening to those tracks on the first HTC G1 on your cans isn’t going to be easy: there’s … Continue reading