Knock Knock: Liquid Metal Breeching Rounds

David Hambling: Special Forces also funded the development of another technology by Polyshok Inc., known as the Impact Reactive Projectile. The firm says this 12-gauge ammunition solid slug acts as a liquid. Unlike other projectiles, it will not over penetrate and go through walls. It pretty much stops where it hits – and causes gigantic […]

Toy designers' variable velocity gun plays for keeps

David Hambling explains the “VVWS”, the “Variable Velocity Weapon System” from toy design firm Lund & Company that can fire either lethal bullets or low-velocity, non-lethal rounds: The version of the VVWS currently being developed would be a purely non-lethal replacement for the FN303. The key advantage is the ability to vary the muzzle velocity; […]

Fully Loaded Chair is stuffed with shotgun shells

Alexander Reh’s Fully Loaded Chair is composed of a solid steel frame stuffed to the bore with 12-gauge shotgun shells. I like the thoughtful design: notice that the payload points away from the sitter. You can be confident in haphazardly flinging yourself into its ensconcement. Another plus: the chair can always be broken apart for […]