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Coconut headphones!

via Make blog

Psyko 5.1 headphones pipe rear channels around your noggin

This is a rare thing: a product that has won an “Innovations Award” from CES — the equivalent of showing up and getting a ribbon for not puking at your grade school musical — looks like it might actually be … Continue reading

Aerial7 blinds us with candy-colored headphones

See the spectrum-murdering wonder of Aerial7’s Graffiti headphones, teleported in from a universe created by the artists who made Rude Dog and the Dweebs. The Artistry of Sound [Aerial7 via Gizmodo]

The year in high-end headphones

Steve Guttenberg takes a walk through the latest high-end headphones and headphone amps, selecting what he’s calling “three contenders for the world’s best headphone”. In my fantasy den, I’m kicked back in my leather chair, feet on oaken desk, smoking … Continue reading

Just where the heck are Apple's premium in-ear headphones? (Update: Oops. They're now for sale.)

At a certain point, a pair of opalescent iPod buds roping out from your pocket and inserted into your ears had a certain hipster cache, largely thanks to Apple’s own silhouette iPod ads. I always thought this a rather interesting … Continue reading

Earbuds can stop the hearts of the elderly (but probably won't)

Yikes. It looks like the tiny magnets found inside headphones and earbuds can interfere with pacemakers. According to the AP the interference only occurs when they’re about an inch away, so if you’ve got a ThumpAssist 3000 just don’t keep … Continue reading

Audio Technica ATH-CK100 earbuds cost more than most MP3 players

Audio Technica’s new ATH-CK100 “in-ear monitors” (read: earbuds) claim to be the world’s smallest and the world’s lightest. That may not matter much when they cost around $560 — for that much money I’d want them to be made of … Continue reading

Angel and Devil earbuds

Green House, the same design group that sells those fantastic pig-shaped earbuds, has started selling these somewhat-less-fantastic “Angel and Devil” earbuds. They’re cute, but not as cute as pigs. They’re technically Japan-only, but CrunchGear suggests an importer will be selling … Continue reading

Magneat, a cable management system for headphones that might overthink it a bit

The “Magneat” is a simple little wire management system that uses a magnet to clip to your shirt. By winding your headphones’ excess cable around its post, you’ll be less likely to catch them on things. Or that’s the pitch, … Continue reading

Nokia asks users to design them a set of cans, surrealist masterpieces result

Nokia’s Music Almighty Headset Competition throws downloadable Maya, PDF and PostScript templates of their stock stereo headsets at its users and invites them to go crazy nuts, promising that winners will see their headphones turned into (a probably non-commercial) reality. … Continue reading