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BBG on... Camping

Bad things can happen when city slickers head out into the great outdoors and play with new and unfamiliar gear, gadgets and &mdash in John Candy’s case &mdash speedboats. Today on BBG, we’ll be reviewing sleeping bags, technical blankets, headlamps, … Continue reading

Garmin Oregon 550T hiking GPS is just a phone away from full convergence

Handheld GPS units for hiking and such are a dying breed—this is a job for phones!—the Garmin Oregon 550T proves the point by smooshing a 3.2-megapixel camera into its converged body. But the $600 Oregon 550T (or the $500 550 … Continue reading

Kahtoola Microspikes make hiking on ice something approaching pleasant

Over at Cool Tools, Adam Skinner reviews the Kahtoola Microspikes, strap-on mini-crampons that work a little like snow chains for shoes. You can pick up a pair for $45-60 and prance around on glaciers all you like. The next weekend … Continue reading

Alpine Time: Timex Expedition WS4

The new Timex Expedition WS4 is a lot of watch: altimeter, barometer, thermometer, chronograph, alarm and compass. It even tells time! It’s also unapologetically macho which not venturing too far into the land of overwrought wrist weights. Its got the … Continue reading

Week in the Woods: Final checklist; Leaving tomorrow!

Tomorrow I’m heading out to the woods to make an attempt to work on the internet using only solar power. It’s not going to be a full week as I’d planned, as I’ll probably be coming back Friday — or … Continue reading

SPOT Satellite Messenger reviewed (Verdict: easy-to-use lifesaver)

Alan Henry carried around the SPOT Satellite Messenger device with him for several months, a $170 device (plus $100-a-year subscription) that allows you to beam updates or a “Help!” message if you’re too far to get your phone working. The … Continue reading

Packing for a Solo Walk to the North Pole

Ben Saunders is attempting to travel to the North Pole in record time, solo and unsupported by re-supply drops. He aims to complete the trek in less than 30 days. He’s posted his equipment list online, including the following gadgets, … Continue reading

Help Me Plan a Week Working in the Woods

The more I think about the “work from the woods” idea I mentioned before, the more I like it. I’m going to start putting together an equipment list, buy the stuff I need, and request test units for the items … Continue reading

Polarpak Moflow: Pressurized Hydration System

The “Moflow” water pack from Polarpak looks like a traditional back-mounted water carrier, but the inclusion of an air pump adds two useful features: you don’t have to suck on a hose to get a sip of water, as biting … Continue reading

Scarpa Grizu Heated Electric Insoles

The “Grizu” from Scarpa are heated show insoles that bring the temperature inside your boot up to 38° Celsius—warm enough to be comfortable, but in theory not so warm your feet will sweat. The insoles can even be submerged in … Continue reading