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Growing Ice Mountains: Coolest. Hobby. Ever.*

BBG reader bazzargh reminded me of the awesome, Alaskan ice wall we blogged about four years ago. At the time, the wall was 132 feet tall. Since then, it seems they’ve perfected the art of ice gardening. Not only does … Continue reading

Review: Kool Dogz Ice Cake Maker

Gus loves chew toys, carrots, spinach, dog treats, and he’s especially fond of ice cubes (or “free treats” as my bro-in-law calls them). Since the pugger enjoys each of these independently, I figured freezing ’em all into one massive block … Continue reading

Kahtoola Microspikes make hiking on ice something approaching pleasant

Over at Cool Tools, Adam Skinner reviews the Kahtoola Microspikes, strap-on mini-crampons that work a little like snow chains for shoes. You can pick up a pair for $45-60 and prance around on glaciers all you like. The next weekend … Continue reading

Banana clip tray makes ice bullets

For $13.25 plus shipping you can create ice cubes that look like AK-47 rounds. (Today was a good day.) Ice bullets cube tray catalog page [ via Serious Eats via UberReview]

Cool it on the rocks–literally.

Just as the devil has the best songs, mother nature has the best gadgets. How about a non-toxic, durable and reusable device that retains cold, and can release it to your drink without diluting it or affecting its flavor? Yep, … Continue reading

EdgeStar fan includes swamp cooler, drop-in ice packs

I’ve left behind air conditioning in my old apartment for only a fan in the new place. (I can handle it, even through these icky heat waves that just broke in New York, but I feel bad for Porter, who … Continue reading

IceDozer Plus Scraper

The “IceDozer Plus” purports to be more than just a flimsy ice scraper, capable of removing tenacious ice with a minimum of effort. Its main gimmick are “carbide style Tenderizers™” on one side of the scraper, which when smashed down … Continue reading

"Alu" Snow Sled with Shock Absorber

This fold-up “Alu” snow sled with built-in shock absorber ain’t cheap at £309, but she’s a looker. Built of aluminum and polycarbonate, it’s made for those who don’t consider it real sledding unless you catch some air. The only bummer? … Continue reading