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Sony's Waterproof Universal Remotes

Sony is set to release a new line of waterproof remotes next month. Bad news: Japan-only, at least for now. Good news: You probably don’t need a waterproof remote. [via New Launches]

Fujifilm Real3D Cam To Release in September

Gosh, it seems like it was only yesterday that I wondered outloud when we’d have Fujifilm’s long-awaited, Real3D camera in our hands. A few weeks ago, we wrote that it’d be out in 2010. Well, we were wrong. The point … Continue reading

Video: A self-balancing "table robot" insinuates itself into your life using booze

With such tiny wheels, this “table robot” from Laksmi-Do looks terribly delicate, but it can still ably hold itself upright and carry up to two kilograms of beverages and snacks. Woe betide the drunkard who forgets to recharge it, though. … Continue reading

Making a 130-megapixel camera from a flatbed scanner and an old camera lens

What do you get when you combine an old Epson flatbed scanner, a 50mm Canon lens, and a little elbow grease? A 130-megapixel camera perfect for shooting ridiculously high-rez photos of your desk. The project is the work of this … Continue reading

Convert documents to toilet paper in the comfort of your office

What office worker wouldn’t love this machine from Tokyo’s Nakabayashi company, which converts regular office paper into toilet paper. The $95,000 machine, which is designed to be kept in an office, coverts 1,800 sheets of A4 paper into two rolls … Continue reading

8Bitone, a chiptunes synth and sequencer for iPhone

Japanese developer Yudo will soon be releasing “8Bitone”, an 8-bit chiptunes synthesizer for iPhone and iPod touch. No idea on the cost—most sequencers have been fairly expensive on the iPhone, in the $10-$20 range. I am fond of their title … Continue reading

Will Hollywood's Astro Boy do the original '60s anime justice?

Astro Boy, the classic story of a friendly nuclear-powered robot boy created by legendary Japanese manga artist Osamu Tezuka, is being released as a 3D CG Hollywood film. It hits theaters in October, with voices by people like Nicolas Cage, … Continue reading

Photo: Stylish Robot

Sharp Mebius NJ70 netbook replaces touchpad with touchscreen

While its guts are the same old netbook standard, Sharp’s new Mebius NJ70A (named after an ancient Shinto calculus demon) puts a slick little 4-inch LCD touchscreen in place of the typically chintzy touchpad. Amusingly, the little touchscreen, which can … Continue reading

Book Time, a physical book reader

The Book Time unit turns the pages of magazines and catalogs automatically, making it easy for those who don’t have the ability to do it themselves (as long as someone else helps them load it up, of course.) That tube … Continue reading