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CPUs for Scrap Gold Recovery

“There’s even a bunch of white ceramic DIPPs and some RISC processors.”

Pointless earbud keychain

Barbie's gadgets

This collection of Barbie’s gadgets, of late 1980s vintage, could be yours for as little as eight quid. Among the cargo cult delights are a computer, a stereo, a popcorn maker, a TV with cassette player (always tuned the the … Continue reading

Review: O'Neill SL Gloves [Verdict: Wipeout]

I bought O’Neill’s SL gloves for three reasons: 1) The water is frigid in San Francisco, so 3mm neoprene seemed like the way to go. 2) $40 seemed reasonable at the time. 3) The model name boasts my initials (SL … Continue reading

Contest: Last Chance To Win The Fighting Space Chicken

The fighting space cock-bot contest ends today, August 7 at 11:59pm PST. So far, my fave was submitted by Alli. For more info, check here. Good luck! Previously: Abstract Robot Duck Our huge "concrete cocks" Penis iceberg Cock: Indian art … Continue reading

Contest: Win My Fighting Cock-Bot

I stumbled on this Fighting Cock-bot at a junk shop in San Francisco that was having an everything-must-go sale. The box is dated 1986 and indicates the robo-chicken was manufactured by the Chi Land Plastic Manufacturing, Co in Taiwan. Aside … Continue reading

Digital Abacacus Worthy of Count Chocula

Brando’s $10 Soft Solar Chocolate Calculator comes in three flavors, er, colors: dark, coffee, and strawberry. If you buy one for a Valentine, I suggest also throwing in the white chocolate keyboard. Previously: LG Announces Leaning Monolith of Chocolate HP … Continue reading

USB hub in the shape of an octopus

At last! [Gadget4all via technabob]

Fire bell alarm clock

There’s a plastic look to it, which suggests a jaunty headline like “Try sleeping through this!” would bear its fixed grin weakly. Vat19’s “Fire Bell” alarm clock clearly offers only the lesser bedlam of a looping, 4-bit sample of a … Continue reading

Vintage Tech archives in Bay Area seek moving volunteers today.

Phil Lapsley, vintage computing history buff, writes: VintageTech, the organizers of the Vintage Computer Festival, are moving their warehouse of historical computers, equipment, software, and documentation from Livermore, CA to Stockton, CA. Volunteers are needed today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday) … Continue reading