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Ceramic knives inspired by cavemen

New York designer Matthias Kaeding has an interesting new idea for kitchen knife designs &mdash why not take it back a few years and resurrect designs from the Stone Age? His Neolithic knives, made with high quality ceramic, actually work … Continue reading

Pointless nanny state knife about to hit stores

Britain is the unsurprising origin of this ridiculous implement. Inspired by calls to ban kitchen knives entirely, this Home Office-approved item will soon be available from New Point Knives. If there was a Nobel prize for missing the point, designer … Continue reading

Review: Wüsthof electric knife sharpener

My kitchen knives have been dull for way too long. I have a sharpening steel, but I find it hard to use. I’m also too lazy to take all five of my kitchen knives to a professional knife sharpener. The … Continue reading

Atwood Knives "Fixer" out this week

Peter Atwood’s next knife+tool goes by the name of “Fixer”, which combined with the hex in the center makes me think it’s some sort of bike tool. It’ll be available tomorrow or Wednesday for a frightening but typical $150. [via … Continue reading

The Nack utility knife has a barrel full of blades

“The Nack” knife has 15 blades pre-loaded in the hilt, making it possible to switch out a dull blade for a new one without taking the knife apart. Of course that means you also have to buy replacement cartridges from … Continue reading

Joel's Christmas list, entry 39: Wolverine blade claws

$40. For the death metal, flea market sociopath and multi-tasking, Weapon X mohel alike. Tomahawk Skull Gauntlet [Budk via Slippery Brick]

Gerber Artifact multitool has tiny, replaceable blades

Gerber snuck out this cute little “Artifact” multi-tool when I wasn’t looking. Just a little longer than a cigarette lighter, it includes a Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a bottle opener, wire stripper, prybar, and a knife — and the knife … Continue reading

Boyd Ashford Turtle pocket knife

This cute little pocket knife, designed by Boyd Ashworth, is only two-inches long when folded and weights just 1.3 ounces. Despite its oddly endearing shape, it can still be opened one-handed. It’s available in multiple finishes for $40. Catalog Page … Continue reading

Michael Ruhlman suggests a book about kitchen knives

Michael Ruhlman recommends the book An Edge in the Kitchen. It’s a whole book about kitchen knives! Chad Ward, a writer based in North Carolina, has written a handsome volume on knives and everything you might want to know about … Continue reading

WASP Injector Knife inflates sharks

The “WASP Injector Knife” secrets a CO2 canister in the handle which, when a small button on the hilt is triggered, injects a blast of 850psi gas through a channel in the knife’s blade, inflating the target with a painful … Continue reading