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Blackest black meet blackest Mac

Colorware’s Stealth MacBook Pro is a top of the line 15″ model with a 256 HB solid state drive, a 3 GHz CPU and a custom matte display that’s not available in official models. But it’s the paint job that … Continue reading

How to carry a laptop and a lapdog at the same time

When I got Ruby six years ago and started taking her everywhere with me, my biggest dilemma quickly became: how do you carry a laptop and a lapdog at the same time? Most dog carriers aren’t made to fit human … Continue reading

Felt laptop sleeve

At $140, I won’t be getting one, but Redmaloo’s felt laptop sleeves are nothing if not … nice. They’re available in orange, green, pink and gray at 13″, 15″ and 17″ sizes. Apple laptop sleeve [Redmaloo via Swiss Miss]

Wooden Laptop Case

Designed with the 15inch MacBooks in mind, Rainer Spehl’s wooden laptop case is gorgeous, useful and likely very expensive: “For Purchases please contact Rainer Spehl.” Photographed here by Achim Hatzius, it’s another one of those ineffable Do Want gadget porn … Continue reading

CES: Dell announces Studio XPS 13 and 16 laptops

At a press conference hosted this morning on the 26th floor of the Palms Pleasure Tower, over omelettes as fluffy, golden and delectable as the lanugo pudendums of virgin angels, Dell announced the newest extension to its laptop line: the … Continue reading

CES Trend Watch: Fujitsu N7010 laptop nestles a tiny screen above its keyboard

Here’s one of the trends you’re going to see at CES this year: laptops with small, secondary displays inside. And here’s a good example: the Fujitsu Lifebook N7010, with a small (but relatively high-resolution) touchscreen just above the keyboard. We … Continue reading

Logitech announces new lapdesk, attractive wards genital scalding

Logitech’s new Comfort Lapdesk is opalescent white, laser beam reflective and features a plump, sinewy coccyx for the accommodation of the knees. A third-party lap to balance your laptop on is always a bit of a superfluous purchase, unless you … Continue reading

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Graphic Booster externalizes GPU to drive three displays

There’s not many laptops that can power more than one external display, but Fujitsu-Siemenes’ Amilo Graphic Booster is an attractively designed external box with an ATI Radeon HD 3870with 512MB of memory built-in. It connects to your laptop via an … Continue reading

Gateway MC-series laptops offer true 16:9 display at lousy resolution

Gateway’s newly announced MC-series of notebooks are odd in a few key respects. Their 16-inch displays are toted as true 16:9, but that advantage is hobbled by a rather pitiful 1366×768 resolution. The keyboard is illuminated in low light conditions, … Continue reading

Toshiba's Portégé R600 packs 9 hours of battery life into 2.4 pounds of laptop

Portégé R600 (note the preponderance of accent aigus, indicating its French Canadian market) is Toshiba’s latest laptop, which Crunchgear colorfully describes as “boneriffic.” It’s not a powerhouse: a 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processor, a 160GB hard drive and … Continue reading