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Ion confirmed in IdeaPad S12

Lenovo’s IdeaPad S12 is to have Nvidia’s ION chipset, meaning that it’ll be capable of running high-definition video and (old) games. [Electronic Pulp]

Lenovo S12 the first Nvidia Ion-powered netbook...probably

John Hermann: Pricing starts at $449, and the S12 goes on sale in July. Ion, however, won’t make its way to production units until an unspecified “late summer” date, and it’ll cost a $50 premium over the standard, Intel-based solution.

Review: A week with Lenovo's IdeaCenter A600

Lenovo’ IdeaCenter A600 is a well-specced, big-screen all-in-one cheap enough to make nettops look like an iffy deal. With a 1920×1080 20.5″ display, great looks and an optional TV Tuner, the starting price of just $680 presents a sensible choice … Continue reading

Lenovo's secret Vaio P sibling

Engadget has pics of a rival for Sony’s underpowered, oversexed Vaio P, spotted at Lenovo’s offices. 21:9 aspect ratio in leather? Yes, please. Lenovo’s VAIO P Reserve Edition? [Engadget]

Netbooks five: Lenovo's S10 brings the color wheel and instant-on Linux

Lenovo’s IdeaPad S10 is described in the literature as an “affordable secondary PC,” but the pitch quickly segues to addressing the “first-time PC user” and, finally and inexorably, “some mainstream consumers.” It’s a telling transition between what netbooks were supposed … Continue reading

Lenovo Thinkpad W700DS features slide-out 10.2-inch secondary display

Lenovo’s latest Thinkpad, the W700DS, is a beast: an 11 pound notebook with a NVIDIA Quadro mobile GPU, an Intel quad core processor, a 17-inch wide screen… and an additional 10.2-inch secondary LED display that slides out from the casing. … Continue reading

Lenovo introducing SMS disable to Thinkpad

Starting in 2009, Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops will be programmed with a feature that allows a stolen or lost laptop to be completely disabled by a simple SMS text message. It’s reversible: if you somehow manage to reclaim your laptop, all … Continue reading

Lenovo unveils W700 for mobile creative professionals

Lenovo’s newest entry to the ThinkPad line, the W700, is a behemoth: the type of laptop IBM’s own mob bosses might tie around a blog informer’s ankle before pushing him off a pier. Weighing 8 pounds, the W700’s is clearly … Continue reading

Lenovo enters the netbook market with the gorgeous IdeaPad S10

Earlier today, Lenovo officially announced that they were flinging their own slim ultra-portable into the netbook fray, and even in an over-saturated market filled with cookie-cutter products, the sleek Ideapad S10 is looking like the netbook to wait for. Powered … Continue reading

Lenovo X200: eminently sensible, thin, cheaper than an Air

Lenovo’s newest ThinkPad, the X200, manages to take the same measurements of the MacBook Air’s magazine thinness and optically bloat it to look dictonary thick. The culprit’s the timeless and turgid Lenovo design, which is just eminently sensible looking, if … Continue reading