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PARC's responsive mirror = every girl's shopping fantasy come true

I’m sitting on a stool in a plain white room at the Palo Alto Research Center, checking out my new earrings via a small desktop mirror. They’re a big dangly pair, each with a white porcelain rose and a black … Continue reading

Motherboard mirror

You’re So Vain: Nonesiste’s Motherboard Mirror [3rings via The Awesomer]

Mirror Spy Clock

This “Spy Clock” by Pieter Woudt adds a simple clock mechanism to a polished convex mirror, the better to catch a fleeting glimpse of death as it steals up behind you as you work. The lack of numbers could be … Continue reading

Rear Vision Clothing-Mounted Bike Mirrors

While I’ve found rear-view bike mirrors to be only of moderate use, the “Rear Vision Activity Mirror” would at least prevent passers-by from ripping my mirrors off my bike. Besides that, though, I’m not sure that wrist-, arm-, and glove-mounted … Continue reading

Daniel Rozen's Interactive Weave and Peg Mirrors

The “Weave Mirror” and “Peg Mirror” projects from Daniel Rozin are both interactive installations that use physical objects as pixels to create a low-rez, real-time display. Weave Mirror uses strips of laminate with varying shades of grey, which it turns … Continue reading

USC Team Creates 360° Holographic Display with Mirrors, Perhaps Smoke

Using a mirror spinning at a ridiculous 20Hz—20 revolutions a second—researchers at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies have created a fully-functioning monochrome “holographic” display. While holographic displays are pretty common, most implementations don’t allow true 360-degree walkarounds. This puppy … Continue reading