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Greenpeace Declares Nokia Super-Green, Nintendo Not-So-Much

Greenpeace released its annual eco-rankings of electronics manufacturers. And the winner is… NOKIA, which scored a 7.45 out of 10 (10 being green-tastic). The whole report is worth a gander, but here’s the highlights, which I recommend reading to yourself … Continue reading

Video: Timelapse LEGO Nintendo DSi build

Sean Kenney built this 7-foot Nintendo DSi out of 51,324 LEGO elements. It’s currently on display at the Nintendo World Store in Manhattan. [via Gizmodo]

GameBoy cosplayer features torso-playable Tetris

A working Gameboy costume built buy a cosplayer at Ohayocon 2009, replete with built-in emulator, which is accessed by hammering the d-pad perpendicular to his junk.

Super Mario Land etched on an Eee

With the help of NYC Resistor, Flickr user revolvingdork etched the entire world map of Super Mario Land for the Nintendo Gameboy on the case of his Eee netbook. I assume he used a pattern he found on the Internet, … Continue reading

SifuF's portable N64: the Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R

Unlike most portable console mods, Ben Heck forumer SifuF’s Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R doesn’t look like a dictionary-like slab of plastic and particle board when viewed in profile. In fact, it’s all very svelte, considering the console from which its guts … Continue reading

The Nintendo Keyless Entry System

This neat little hack turns an NES controller into a Keyless Entry System. The controller snakes from a wall-mounted Arduino: the rapid-fire entry of the Konami code (or similar NES input) will lock or unlock the door via a CD-ROM … Continue reading

Flashcart makers have already figured out how to run homebrew on the DSi

The Nintendo DSi has been out for about a month, and flashcart manufacterer Acekart have already gotten around Nintendo’s security measures against running homemade code… and, of course, pirated ROMs. Better yet, all of the DSi’s new hardware like the … Continue reading

NES cart sleeve turned pen holder

This original Nintendo cartridge sleeve, repurposed as a pen holder, doesn’t really deserve the distinction of being a hack or mod, but it did remind me just how sultry and gorgeous those vinyl sleeves really were. I really don’t think … Continue reading

Video: Dekotora Nintendo DS Lite has LED-a-go-go

This enterprising Japanese hacker kitted his Nintendo DS Lite with at least a dozen LEDs, creating the most powerful portable seizure machine on the planet. (Skip to 4:40 if you just want to see the lights, not the build process.) … Continue reading

Inside the DSi: battery life reduced to fuel beefier CPU

So what’s the autopsy report on the Nintendo DSi? Why is the battery life notably worse than the DS Lite? Over at bunnie: studios, the eponymous Bunnie ripped one apart, and it looks like we have our answer: a beefier … Continue reading