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Web design sketchbook

This web design sketchbook — which gives brainstorming web designers sheaths of blank Firefox web browsers and advertisement windows — looks rather swish, but you’d think it’d just be a lot more affordable to print off a bunch of these … Continue reading

Hanging notebook hard drive concept wouldn't work, but one can dream

I love this concept spotted by Yanko Designer for an external hard drive enclosure designed to hang off the lids of notebooks. I know it wouldn’t work nearly as well in real life, causing the laptop to either slam closed … Continue reading

Maker's Notebook

Our friends at MAKE: and O’Reilly have released the “Maker’s Notebook,” a pocket notebook designed for those who think of grand ideas. And unlike me, actually do them. • 150 pages of 1/10” engineering graph paper on a 60# Lynx … Continue reading

MSI's Negative Ion Emitting Notebook

MSI is showing off a dubiously named “Green Design” laptop computer concept that vents invisible negative ions into the air as it’s operating. Of course breathing in high levels of negative ions may be bad for your lungs, but don’t … Continue reading

Everex CloudBook First Impressions Not Good

Laptop mag got their hands on a Everex CloudBook sub-notebook this morning, the $400 Asus Eee fighter that has a built-in 30GB hard drive instead of the Eee’s all-solid-state rig up. I have (had?) high hopes for the CloudBook, but … Continue reading

Asus Eee's Dumb Mistakes: GPL Violations and Warranty-Voiding RAM Upgrade

Cliff Biffle, reviewing his personal Asus Eee subnotebook, discovers several glaring flaws—not dealbreakers for most, but of note all the same. The first? Possible GPL violations: Through disassembly (I can do that, the software is GPL’d), it appears that ASUS … Continue reading

Asus Eee Sub-Notebook On Sale at Newegg

The Asus Eee solid-state sub-notebook is now on sale to the plebes for $400 at Newegg. Having recently been loaned a small UMPC for review, I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that no laptop should have … Continue reading

Asus Eee PC 701 Reviewed (Verdict: Light and Able)

LAPTOP magazine got an exclusive first look at the Asus Eee PC 701, the solid-state 7-inch laptop that many people have been greatly anticipating. Editor-in-Chief Mark Spoonauer stepped up to review it, giving it four of five stars in its … Continue reading