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MyRacer MP3 player has adorable OLED pixel-art UI

Oh, you know no one’s going to buy one of MyRacer’s cute little Lisse S10 MP3 players over an iPod Shuffle… but christ, isn’t that pixel-art OLED display just gorgeous? Too bad it’s unlikely to ever come out over here. … Continue reading

How OLEDs work

This is a simple run down of the benefits of OLED over LCD and Plasma that ran on the Science Channel… I’m guessing sometime ago, since the creator of OLED, Kodak’s Steven Van Slyke, describes the era of “42 inch … Continue reading

Kodak OLED touchscreen digiframe gets it all right, except the price.

A while back, Joel and I were muttering about digital frames. They’re certainly some sort of future of simulated grandwhelp display, but they tend to be chintzy in the wrong places. Joel speculated that it was time to get excited … Continue reading

United Keys' OLED keypad is "the poor man's Optimus"

Engadet takes a close look at United Keys’ OLED keypad. Much of the review is dedicated to describing the state of terminal scorn induced by it. We’re naturally utterly un-blown-away by the product — you get what you pay for … Continue reading

Samsung demonstrates fully foldable OLED cell phone screen

The footage is a bit grainy, and once you’ve seen ten seconds you’ve seen it all, but this clip captured at the Samsung booth of last week’s FPD International show basically shows the future of displays: bright, fully-foldable OLED screens. … Continue reading

OLED-screen cell phone design speaks truth to complexity

This Nokia Aeon-like concept sketch, by Mac Funamizu, demonstrates how a phone with an OLED-wrap display could look. It is, as Unplggd remarks, the “IPhone Nano You’ve Always Wanted”; but that is really just a way of saying that it’s … Continue reading

Sony Launches World's First OLED Television

Sony has announced an OLED-based television in Japan called the XEL-1, notable for both its odd right-biased neck and its extremely thin panel. While the whole screen assembly is thicker, the panel itself is just 3mm thick. Some of my … Continue reading