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Birdhouses made from modded roof tiles

These birdhouses were made by combining reclaimed terracotta roof tiles cut by water-jet and laser with wooden boards etched with Victorian facades. Usually, roof tiles aren’t recycled, but a team of artists led by Japan’s Tomoko Azumi wanted to change … Continue reading

These are not just ugly stuffed animals

This pack of stuffed dog toys with giant mouths from Japan are actually functional gadget accessories. Can you guess what they are? Answer is here.

Tick Removers: Which Do You Use?

“Uh, I think I snapped it…” I got my first tick on the BBG camping trip. I was lucky. I didn’t even know it was there until it was gone. I brushed it off in the shower somehow without leaving … Continue reading

Camping gear for dogs

My dogs Ruby and Malcolm came with us to Lake Mendocino on the BBG camping trip. Outward Hound and Ruffwear are both excellent brands for outdoor gear for dogs &mdash Ruffwear’s lightweight Flophouse foam pad has a waterproof base layer … Continue reading

Pictures taken by Malcolm and Ruby using the Pets Eye View camera

For our routine late morning walk today and at a neighborhood BBQ on Saturday, I put Uncle Milton’s Pet’s Eye View cameras on Ruby and Malcolm’s collars. They’re lightweight, mini cameras that clip onto collars and snap 640×480 photos at … Continue reading

Retro Robotix Robo-Dog: More Canine Than Canine

Man’s best friend just got even better! A dog you don’t have to walk or feed, and you control its every move! Runs on 4 C batteries and 1 9V. Only $200 from the Electronic Eclectic Company. Or you could … Continue reading

Review: A Few Days with a SNIF Tag

My pug Gus is a lazy sack. No disrespect, but it’s true. Which is why I’m not at all opposed to putting him to work and/or keeping more rigorous tabs on his extreme indolence so that I can hold it … Continue reading

Geek dog t-shirts has a collection of fun, geeky dog t-shirts. Ruby used to have a Fake Steve Jobs t-shirt, but I think she was too embarrassed to wear it. (Thanks, Brannigan M!)

Robotic Pets and Children: A Developmental Study

From ISAZ Newsletter, Number 29 [pdf]: Robotic Pets and Children: A Developmental Study Gail F. Melson, Alan M. Beck, Peter Kahn, and Batya Friedman (University of Washington) All data has now been collected for our study of children across three … Continue reading

Review: Kool Dogz Ice Cake Maker

Gus loves chew toys, carrots, spinach, dog treats, and he’s especially fond of ice cubes (or “free treats” as my bro-in-law calls them). Since the pugger enjoys each of these independently, I figured freezing ’em all into one massive block … Continue reading