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Max Sprecher's antique straight razors

Though they’ll happily sharpen your straight razor for just $20 (and restore it for an additional fee), Max Sprecher will happily sell you a fully restored antique model for $90 to $160, depending on vintage and materials. [via Cool Hunting]

The Amazing Bickford, the Razorblade Robot

The amazing Bickford — a robot whose construction out of over 2,100 disposable razors is detailed in this rather stream-of-conscious celebratory video — was lovable right up until the point that his inventor decided to install an Acme Robotics brand … Continue reading

Recycline Razors Made from Yogurt Cups

The “Preserve” plastic razors are made from 100% recycled plastics (in the handle), 65% of which is harvested from old Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups. If your local recycler takes #5 plastics you can drop it off there when you’re done … Continue reading

Braun Pulsonic Shaver Ad Blitz Coming Soon

Shaving Stuff warns that we’re about to get a face-full of the new Braun Pulsonic electric razor. The new electric shaver is already on shelves, but Braun is gearing up a huge new campaign, including a blog. Most interesting, though, … Continue reading