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Linksys WRT54GL turned RC monster truck

Jonathan Bennett is calling this $5 dollar RC car — a Linksys WRT54GL and a Panasonic Bl-C1A network camera soldered to its guts — a “WiFi Robot.” I call it the only RC car I have ever wanted: it can … Continue reading

Remote Control Star Trek Enterprise: To Boldly Go... Until The Battery Runs Out

Captain’s log, $tardate 79.99. Our position, unknown. Sucked through some kind of… rift… the Enterprise finds itself drifting in unknown space, shrunk down like cosmic Liliputians, hounded by monstrous, troglodytic Brobdingnagians, leaping up and down and batting their sticky hands … Continue reading

The world's tiniest RC helicopters

At just 4.5 inches long, the Liliputian-sized MX1 chopper is the world’s smallest remote controlled R/C helicopter. I imagine a hiveswarm of dragonfly-like whirlybirds to harass and confuse my enemies, or the moment — months from now — when I … Continue reading

Gary Kasparov and the flying RC penis

International chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov was attacked by a flying penis helicopter during a recent speech in Russia. Alert security dealt with the situation by deftly swatting the cock out of the air long before it could infiltrate Kasparov’s oral … Continue reading

RC car plays Super Mario theme on beer bottles

< This video of an extremely patient Japanese Chinese RC car enthusiast playing the Super Mario Brothers theme song on a long line of half-filled bottles snaking through an underground parking complex has been going around a lot lately, but … Continue reading