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Growing Ice Mountains: Coolest. Hobby. Ever.*

BBG reader bazzargh reminded me of the awesome, Alaskan ice wall we blogged about four years ago. At the time, the wall was 132 feet tall. Since then, it seems they’ve perfected the art of ice gardening. Not only does … Continue reading

Casual Profanity's "Fluid Structure" from plastic tubing like a thrumming cephalopodic circulatory system

Heavens to Betsy, Casual Profanity’s liquid sculpture is captivating. And oh my goodness, I bet you could weave this into someone’s hair. (The excellent video and music work helps, too.) [via Waxy] Update: The music is Ratatat’s “Imperials” from LP3 … Continue reading

Wooden replicas of ordinary and extraordinary gadgets

What I find most interesting about Ron Van Der Ende’s wooden replicas of everyday objects is now how well crafted they may be — very well crafted! — but how much the end results end up looking like Impressionist paintings … Continue reading

Typewriter golems by Jerry Mayer

Wired’s posted a great gallery of typographical golems designed by Jerry Mayer. Brought together with bones and ligatures formed from old antique typewriter part, Mayer’s art is a bizarre fusion between Leonardo Da Vinci’s mechanical drawings and the hallucinogenic fever … Continue reading

Cloud: Heathrow's incredible flip dot animated sculpture

Hanging like a scintillating CGI blob between the escalators of Heathrow Airport’s new Terminal Five, ‘Cloud’ is an incredible kinetic sculpture that channels 4,638 reflective flip dots into an amazing amorphous animation… like a giant glob of liquid metal siphoned … Continue reading

Video: Dancing magnetic oil sculpture

Sachiko Kodama, associate professor at Tokyo’s University of Electro-Communications, creates breathtaking sculptures by manipulating magnetically charged oil with powerful electromagnets. One of the sculptures (I’m not sure if it’s the one in this video or not) will be on display … Continue reading

Sculpture of George Lucas frozen in Carbonite

For what he’s done to Star Wars, George Lucas met a poetic fate at last weekend’s Star Wars Celebration in Japan. The original Star Wars films were preserved like this for decades, until George Lucas unzipped his fly and thawed … Continue reading

Zombie garden sculpture brings the flesh-slavering undead to your daffodil bed

Precisely why you call the 1-800 number on the side of the canister when you accidentally spill 2-4-5 liquid Trioxin in the flower bed. A garden scultpure by Alan Dickenson, only $89.95. Zombie of Montclaire Moors Garden Sculpture [Design to … Continue reading

Only $50,000 for the Berwyn Spindle, the Vlad Tepes of cars

Alone in art history, the Berwyn Spindle is the only work of sculpture specifically recognized as being of great historical value by the 1992 Paramount tour de force, Wayne’s World. A fifty foot tall stiletto skewering 8 rusting hulks, the … Continue reading

Ann Smith's Recycled Gadget Creatures

Ann Smith creates sculptures from old gadgets, then uses stop-motion photography to animate their motion. Wired has a small gallery of some of her lovely creations. Tossed-Out Electronics Are Reincarnated as Stop-Mo Animal Bots [Wired]