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Video: Unboxing The Fleshlight

When I tweeted about needing to get a hold of a Fleshlight, I wasn’t entirely kidding. One BBG reader answered my bluff call, put me in touch and, well, now I’ve got a real-life Fleshlight [NSFW] in my home… actually, … Continue reading

Celebrity Hard Drives

For only $20, you can have a racy graphic of Kim Kardashian added to your hard drive. Or a skin of Domo. Or Wu-Tang Clan. Or even Bob Marley. One love, Seagate. [via Gearlog via New Launches]

Power On Self Test: Spooky Lamps

"This Is Going To Be Such A Rad Tweet..."

Water carbonator looks like a sex toy

This looks like a deformed dildo, but it’s actually a kitchen tool, a home water carbonator for those of you who prefer agua con gaz over normal tap water. It was designed by Aemillios Grohmann and AndrĂ© Kieker for water … Continue reading

Advisor: Don't let social networking ruin your social skills

The head of England’s Roman Catholic Church is worried that social networking is costing people &mdash especially teenagers &mdash their social skills. Is he right? In an article published yesterday in the UK’s Telegraph, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, the man in … Continue reading

Advisor: The case against iPhones in the bedroom

Illustration by Rob Beschizza When Brian first brought his iPhone home, it was like he’d taken a mistress. All day, all night, he fondled its touchscreen and gawked at its shiny face. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of it … Continue reading

Video Gallery: The Humanimal Kingdom

Using bodypaint, makeup, teeth and other prosthetics, people are succeeding at some pretty mind-blowing transformations. Not to knock furries, but there’s a big difference between putting on a fuzzy suit and adding prosthetics and silicone to alter the bone structure … Continue reading

A Visual History of Cosmetics Gadgetry

Like the mobile phone, cosmetics is a fantastic example of a product category where the main design constraints are mobility and pocketability. From efficient, easier-to-use lipstick tubes to more compact compacts, we’ve proposed, then invented some pretty neat/wacky/seemingly-obvious/ingenious stuff for … Continue reading

Video: Hot For Tools Demos

A girl named Erica is hosting a new video podcast on YouTube that teaches home repairs like hanging a door, removing grout and using the Saw Stop. Erica wears low cut tops which reveal a pierced bellybutton and lower back … Continue reading