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Sharp's tiny NetWalker netbook echoes classic Zaurus

Sharp’s netbook-cum-MID is something of a surprise–a shrunken laptop running an ARM CPU and Ubuntu linux, like the Zauruses of yore. Featuring a 1024×600 pixel display, an 800MHz Freescale chip, 4GB of flash storage and 512MB of RAM, it won’t … Continue reading

Sharp Mebius NJ70 netbook replaces touchpad with touchscreen

While its guts are the same old netbook standard, Sharp’s new Mebius NJ70A (named after an ancient Shinto calculus demon) puts a slick little 4-inch LCD touchscreen in place of the typically chintzy touchpad. Amusingly, the little touchscreen, which can … Continue reading

Sharp smashes together VHS and Blu-Ray in one $1,100 player

The Sharp Aquos BD-HDv22 combination Blu-Ray/VHS recorder. It’s like smashing together an abacus and a Cray: people can’t understand why you’d need the former when you’ve got the latter. Why in God’s name would you watch VHS when you’ve already … Continue reading

Rare Sharp Boombox with built-in mini-organ

Retro-Thing, spotters of all sorts of gorgeous antediluvian electronica, found this wonderful Sharp MR-990 boom box up on eBay. No mere ghetto blaster, this: the usual accoutrements like dual cassette bays, detachable stereo speakers, AM & FM and a five-band … Continue reading

Pocketables reviews Sharp Willcom D4 MID (Verdict: Turd.)

Pocketables’ Jenn Lee posts her final review on the latest MID ripped in premature C-Section from Sharp R&D’s belly by their own restless marketing midwives: the Willcom D4. Like most premies, it seems to have trouble breathing without an incubator. … Continue reading

Sharp business HDTV includes built-in web browser

When I ruminated that the future of the set-top box was the web browser, I asked when television manufacturers would add a browser to their sets. Sharp’s latest LCD HDTVs include a browser, so I guess the answer is “now”. … Continue reading

Sharp-Wilcom's minuscule UMPC out on June 20th in U.S.

Sharp’s D4 is a two-faced bastard of a UMPC. On one hand, it’s the first such device that’s small enough to slip into a jacket pocket and still have a standard-looking keyboard. On the other hand, it’s so obviously bloated–Windows … Continue reading

Sharp/Willcom D4 UMPC is tiny, gorgeous, and runs Vista

Straddling the line between PDA and UMPC — and ending up looking something like an Atari Lynx — the just-announced Willcom D4, co-created with Sharp, is an Intel Atom-powered computer capable of running Windows Vista. It has a five-inch touchscreen … Continue reading

Sharp's Scanning, Multi-Touch LCD Display

Engadget got a chance to play with the very cool new Sharp LCD displays which are capable of using each of the pixels as an optical scanner, enabling both multi-touch capabilities and the ability to scan in paper that is … Continue reading

Sharp Solar Shingles

If the ungainliness of solar panels have been holding you back from installing some rooftop modules on your home—or you have a home-owners association that prevent you from going green in any way that might affect surrounding property values—these panels … Continue reading