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Mechanical Tumor

Watch in HD. Via Gizmodo.

From Rick Dickinson’s photostream.

The contempt commences at 3:20

The introduction of the ROKR, from CNET’s vault. [via Daring Fireball]

Gruber on how why Apple won’t rename the iPhone, even though “iPod” is obviously a better name for the general-purpose pocket computer that the iPhone has become. [DF]

So, why doesn’t Verizon offer nice phones? [Wired]

Wii price cut confirmed. It’ll be $200 from next week. [Giz]

Really? Really! Great. Great. Great.

The latest Apple event, boiled down to its superlatives.

Zune HD teardown at iFixit

Like a well-traveled suitcase

While Lenovo isn’t so slack, sometimes review units arrive with an earlier writer’s “footprints” left unerased. Regrettably, I’ve never found anything interesting.


Apple is not known for messing up its compositions, but to quote John Brownlee on the Apple store’s current iPod mockup tableaux, “Either the people holding it have elephantiasis, or this is a photoshop disaster.” Compare!