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ThruYou, an album made entirely from YouTube clips, far greater than the sum of its parts

ThruYou is a seven-track dub and breakbeat album created entirely using samples from user-contributed YouTube videos. It’s the coolest thing you’ll see today, and not just because of the remix nature of it, but how it takes these amateur contributions … Continue reading

Marc Marc TD Cross Generator synth at least looks good

We salute the reintroduction of pastels in rack-mounted synthesizers, as heralded by the Marc Marc TD Cross Generator. Yours today, starting at $25,000. [via George Cochrane]

The Atari 400 goes analog synth

A fantastic analog synthesizer stuffed in the body of an old Atari 400 console. Technabob explains how it works: The Atari Synth is a polyphonic 12-oscillator, 3 modulator square wave synthesizer that’s controlled by arcade-style pushbuttons and potentiometers. Just press … Continue reading

Casio SK1 synth becomes puppet master hockey organ

The organist as puppet master, his music divorced as mere soundtrack to the flashing blades and spurting arterial gouts. Instead, with the help of this repurposed Casio SK 1, he becomes the conductor! The keys control the movement of the … Continue reading

Synth Porn: Buchla Music Easel

This surreal and haunting video shows Charles Cohen on the “Buchla Music Easel,” an almost ancient synthesizer — 1973! — that uses a modular system to allow musicians to generate and modify musical noises within the same unit. Don Buchla … Continue reading

Korg DS-10: Emulate the Classic MS-10 Synth on the Nintendo DS

The Korg DS-10 is a cartridge for the Nintendo DS that turns the portable game device into a synthesized MS-10 synthesizer, including two synth engines, a drum machine, and a 16-step sequencer. You can punch in controls with three different … Continue reading