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TV is Dead, Long Live PC.TV

My friend Sonia has written a series of posts for the New York Times in which she tests several options for streaming web content to your television. Everything from Boxee to PlayOn. I’m already saving up for a Mac Mini. … Continue reading

How to receive thousands of satellite channels

An amazing story in the New York Times reads like a science fiction pastiche of the last century: Lee Si-kap, a shy farmer living in this central South Korean town, holds a record: He owns more satellite dishes than any … Continue reading

Vizio connected HDTV remote reminds that everything is turning into a PC

Available soon, budget HDTV maker Vizio will soon be selling televisions that can stream internet content, including Netfli, Amazon, Showtime, Yahoo widgets, and more. But check out that snazzy slide-out QWERTY keyboard! Previous ⌦ DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME REMINDS THAT EVERYTHING … Continue reading

Video: Top Gear Series 13 is back on June 21st

JVC claims world's thinnest LCD display

From CrunchGear: The full HD TV measures just 6.4mm at its thinnest point, and with a weight of just 5.7kg, JVC also gets the bragging rights for the planet’s lightest LCD screen. It features 400cd/m2 brightness and a contrast ratio … Continue reading

Liberate Television

These televisions were placed around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to celebrate the return of analog television frequencies to the ether. To commemorate this event we are inviting the public to come witness the beginning of the Television Drops, a series of public … Continue reading

Video: Red Ball roller-coaster from Sesame Street

I was always so jealous of that little girl. I loved Maraschino cherries as a kid.

Television fire place in Prenzlauer Berg

There’s nothing tackier than a television basking a cathode fireplace around Christmas time, but I spotted this old Zenith spitting embers and burning logs at the junta-like Scotch and Sofa in Prenzlauer Berg (do not go for the scotch selection, … Continue reading

Bjork explains TV

Professional weirdo* Bjork opens up a CRT television and attempts to explain how it works in this video that appears to be from days of weirdo yore. She offers incalculably valuable technical advice that we can all apply to our … Continue reading

BBC admits that TV detector vans only work because Britons believe they do

Britain’s ad-free BBC, renowned for the quality of its news and television broadcasting, is funded by an annual fee on television use. But it’s also famous for its sinister TV Detector Vans, which legend has it can tell if unlicensed … Continue reading