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It's The End of the Non-Augmented World As We Know It...

As with the Internet itself, some of the coolest tech trickles down from the military. Case in point: years after non-commercial aircraft started using HUDs to overlay flight data in front of pilots, video games followed suit. And, for the … Continue reading

Geisha: The Japanese company that turned a virtual French maid into a hit product

Aris folds her tiny hands across her aproned lap and smiles. “If you need me, please poke me to get my attention!” she says in a peppy, high-pitched voice. “Just don’t poke me in a weird place! ” As if … Continue reading

Gallery: Forget Cell Phones, Give Me Wearable Computing!

Experiencing augmented reality doesn’t have to be as easy as holding up a cell phone. Through the years, researchers have dreamed up and constructed hardware that is either totally cool or utterly ridiculous (sometimes both, depending on whom you ask). … Continue reading

What Do Pirates Call Augmented Reality?

Growing Ice Mountains: Coolest. Hobby. Ever.*

BBG reader bazzargh reminded me of the awesome, Alaskan ice wall we blogged about four years ago. At the time, the wall was 132 feet tall. Since then, it seems they’ve perfected the art of ice gardening. Not only does … Continue reading

Who Needs Mountains?: Go Climb a Tree

I’ve never been to a rock climbing gym or scaled an artificial rock wall. Although I once put on a harness and climbed some low rock structures 15 years ago, I’ve always been more into scrambling. I figured it had … Continue reading

Review: Primus Eta Pack Lite

You don’t want to carry too much crap with you when you’re going on a climbing trip, but you still need to eat. There are several great lightweight camping stoves on the market &mdash one of them is the Primus … Continue reading

Artificial Climbing Walls 101: More Mountain Than Mountain?

Unlike running or cycling, rock climbing is a sport that can’t be easily simulated. In the old days, you’d get in your car and drive to a mountain to “practice.” These days, more and more options abound. Eurpeans are starting … Continue reading

Dan Osman's famous speed solo video

Check out this famous video of Dan Osman, a Japanese-American outdoor adventurist who like to run up 400+ feet tall crags &mdash like this one at Lover’s Leap near South Lake Tahoe &mdash without any protection. Most of the time, … Continue reading

Common outdoor climbing phobias and how to combat them

When you’re climbing outdoors, you inevitably end up facing some of your biggest fears, whether it’s heights, dirt, or pooing in the wild. Here are some tips and tools on how I dealt with three of my phobias. 1. Mosquitoes … Continue reading