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UMID M1 at Dynamism, makes Vaio P look like a briefcase

Umid’s M1, now available for $600 at Dynamism, is touted as the world’s smallest ever fully-functional PC: 6.2 inches long, 3.7 inches deep and 0.7 of an inch thick. It runs Windows XP on a 1.33GHz Intel Atom CPU, has … Continue reading

Microsoft bitter as Intel pushes Linux for pocket PCs

When they were called UMPCs or HPCs and ran Windows, they were worthy of grand marketing campaigns. But now pocket PCs are called MIDs and run Linux instead, Microsoft says the whole concept is bad. From BusinessWeek: “I’m not sure … Continue reading

Korean Lluon Mobbit MID Box

Oh, hell yeah. [via Engadget]

But where does the battery go?

This entrant in a recent UMPC design competition has a gorgeous display and a general air of sexiness, save for the aggressively bad keyboard. Unfortunately, is it impossible with the current laws of thermodynamics: where do we put the coal … Continue reading

See the fancy Pocket PCs that Intel wants you to buy instead of Netbooks

Behold the ultra-mobile PCs of CES 2009. Intel Ultra Mobility chap Uday Keshavdas reminds us that this–running Vista on $1,000 Pocket PCs you can’t type properly on–is what Atom was supposed to be for! Some of these devices are actually … Continue reading

Asus R50a has netbook specs at quadruple the price

Right or wrong, netbooks have trained us to look at an Intel Atom processor, a gig of RAM, a 32GB SSD hard drive and a tiny screen at 1024×600 as a less than $500 purchase, especially when its being released … Continue reading

UMID rebrands latest UMPC/MID as "mini-netbook"

Korean manufacturer UMID’s latest touchscreen UMPC has all the gorgeous, unergonomic allure of the best pocket electronic dictionaries, but instead runs XP, VIsta or Linux on an Atom chipset instead, with 1GB of memory and up to 32GB of SSD … Continue reading

Acer Aspire One modded into touchscreen UMPC

A ToDo forum member has crafted himself a rather lovely UMPC tablet by gutting an Acer Aspire One of its keyboard and trackpad, installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it, flipping the screen around and inserting a touchscreen panel. Thanks to … Continue reading

UMPC Portal reviews the Everun Note (Verdict: Not a netbook, but a fantastic UMPC)

UMPC Portal have posted their review of the gorgeous Everun Note: a UMPC straddling the physical dimensions between a traditional netbook and a Nintendo DS with the look of an Apple-designed portable dictionary. They are really enthusiastic about it, citing … Continue reading

7" Raon Everun Note lurks in hinterland between Netbook and UMPC

Raon’s original Everun was a strange but solid handheld computer. The sequel, called the Everun Note, is a more attractive affair that strikingly embodies a fantasy computer familiar to anyone who writes: one no bigger than the smallest reasonable keyboard. … Continue reading