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Wal-Mart testing automated trade-in machines for used videogame

Wal-Mart is testing a used games trade-in machine at certain locations, a development that’s welcome, if only to raise the price of trade-ins (or lower the price of used games) at Gamestop. Unfortunately, according to Neocrisis, the blog-slash-anime-suffix, the vending … Continue reading

Video: Dekotora Nintendo DS Lite has LED-a-go-go

This enterprising Japanese hacker kitted his Nintendo DS Lite with at least a dozen LEDs, creating the most powerful portable seizure machine on the planet. (Skip to 4:40 if you just want to see the lights, not the build process.) … Continue reading

Video: Left 4 Dead Trailer

This is pretty much just a free advertisement for Left 4 Dead, the upcoming zombie apocalypse shooter from local favorite Valve Software, but all of us at BBG sort of want to have their screaming, pulsating babies gnash their way … Continue reading

Custom portable Dreamcast is fascinating, punishable offense

Here’s a curious thing: A citizen has taken several state-issued items, disassembled them, and reassembled them into a new item that performs a function only slightly different than the original core object. While almost certainly illegal — it’s difficult for … Continue reading

Working calculator made in Little Big Planet, a PS3 sandbox game

This is sort of intense: a beta tester for the soon-to-launch PlayStation 3 game Little Big Planet has created a working 8-bit calculator inside the physics-and-apparently-logic simulator. Because there are basic electronics simulations in LBP, the creator “Upsilandre” reminds that … Continue reading

Gamer Grub: indiscriminate snack chunks in fist bucket

Gamers aren’t always the picture of health. I know: I’m stereotyping. But I’ve also spent countless evenings at LAN parties or over at friends’ playing Rock Band cramming my face with corn chips and pizza bound together with liquid mountain … Continue reading

Open Pandora handheld gaming available for pre-order

Open Pandora, the powerful portable gaming platform with dual analog thumbsticks and a full QWERTY keyboard is now available for pre-order for $330. We’ve spent a fair amount of time debating whether I should get one or not, but while … Continue reading

Gang Garrison 2: What TF2 would have been in the '80s

Gang Garrison 2 is a playable 8-bit-inspired “de-make” of Valve’s fantastic online multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2. You can download it for free at TIGSource; at the very least, watch the trailer so you can listen to the crunchy remake … Continue reading

Neutron Games creates Xbox Live-alike service for iPhone

This new multiplayer game platform for the Apple iPhone from Neutron Games sounds promising, although no actual games are yet announced: • Real-time, turn-based and tournament multiplayer options • Game lobbies and various matchmaking capabilities • Buddy lists, leaderboards, profiles, … Continue reading

Video: Rush plays Rock Band

Swoon. [via Kotaku]